Bad Boyz

Luke & Izzys love story! ��


1. 1

Hi I'm Isabelle Hood. I'm 17 and I was excited to see Calum! I lived with my cousins and I really wanted to hang with my brother so I'm moving to go love with Cal. I really missed my brother. I know about his band and he won't let me meet his band mates. Their names are Ashton Irwin, Michael Clifford, and Luke Hemmings. He won't let me meet them especially Luke. I got home last night and it's morning now and I have to go to school.

I had to get dressed for school so I put in a strapless crop top and I wore a short skirt. I put on some eyeshadow, mascara, and etc. I put on some black heels and I put my hair in a half ponytail you know the one wear the top is a ponytail and the bottom has your hair just down. Ya I curled it after and walked downstairs. I walked to school and when I opened the door I realized that I could've asked Calum for a ride. God dammit!

Ok so I was walking down the hall and saw a cute blonde guy with a lip piercing. He looked HOT! He was soooo out of my league. I felt so low compared to him. He had to guys by his side. One dyed hair and one with curly hair. I was walking when he switched sides with the curly haired guy and slapped my ass.I gasped and turned to him as he winked and mouthed call me.

*skip to after school*

It was after school and I was walking home since Calum left before me. I felt a pair of hands go around my waist. I turned around to see the blonde boy who slapped my ass earlier.

Hi gorgeous he said

Hi I'm Izzy I said

Izzy, You wanna walk home together? He asked

Ya sure I said nervously

*skip the walk home*

We were in my house as he sat on the couch he grabbed my ass again. I gasped and but my lip as he raised his hand so it's inside my skirt on my panties. He started to mess with the lace when I turned around and he picked me up and pushed me against a door which I didn't remember who's it was.

I wanna fuck you so hard right now I'm so horny for you he said

Ummm. I said nervously

Hey sis who do you have over it sounds like- Calum started

Calum?! He yelled.

Luke?! Calum yelled.

Sis?! Calum yelled.

Luke?! I yelled.

SIS?! Luke screamed louder

Uh Oh!

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