My Teacher.

I was a wild teenager, drugs, alcohol.. I loved it all. But the only thing I was new at was having sex... With my teacher.


3. Chapter 3.

"Rose, party tonight. You in?"

"Duh Louis, you know I'm always down for a party." It's been weeks since anyone has had a party because of mid terms coming up & Louis, my brother's friend, is finally having one. "I'm glad to finally have a party to go to, these mid terms stressed everyone out. At least its Christmas break after today!" He smiled at me, agreeing with me. "Just text me the details."

"Will do, Rose. Hey, tell Calum to text me." Calum Hood is my brother. Not my real brother, my step-brother, but he's been in my life since I was three years old. He's like a real brother because he is always there for me no matter what. I nodded in agreement and decided to go ahead to math class. I had a good feeling about the big mid term we took Monday, and today we get our grades back.

"You know, Mr. Styles, you have the most amazing eyes I have ever seen." I heard a girl say right before I walked in, I decided to stand there and listen for a minute before barging in.

"Thank you, Delilah." Harry said, plain and simple. Hmm, that's my man. I decided I would walk in now, I walked in quietly and neither of them noticed I was in there. "If you really need help with your math, I can tutor you after school." I froze. I know what he does when he 'tutors' people, because he is my tutor.

"That would be great, Mr. Styles." I decided to clear my throat because they both still haven't noticed me. Their heads shot my way and Harry's eyes got big. "So three then?"

"Yes, come in here." He said and she walked out of the room, smiling at me. I flipped her off. I hated her anyway, she is a whore and goes after every guy she can get her hands on. Harry walked over to the door and shut it because he knew I was about to go off.

"I'm skipping today, have fun tutoring her." I said and turned to walk towards the door. He stepped in front of me, not letting me past him. I kept my head down, not looking at him.

"You're not skipping, if you do, I'll give you detention and I'm in charge if anyone has detention."

"Give me detention then! But if you tutor her, consider us through." I whispered the last part. I was way passed pissed off and I wasn't going to let some pretty boy teacher do this to me.

"I'm tutoring her. I guess were done." When those words left his mouth, my heart stopped. But it came out as anger when I started yelling at him.

"Fuck you, Harry! I seriously do not give a fuck anymore. You want to tutor some slut bag, go ahead. And to think I was going to invite you to a party tonight. Fuck that. Bye Mr. Styles." I said and pushed passed him, "go ahead, give me detention. But I won't go until after Christmas break." I said and slammed the door right in his face. Ashton was walking up and I grabbed his arm. "We're skipping today, I need something." I said and he nodded. He may be the smartest kid in school but when I want to do something we do it together and right now I need to get high before I go insane.


"So let me get this straight," Ashton said, taking a hit off the blunt we just rolled. "You have been dating Mr. Styles and never told me?" I shook my head. "And you broke it off because he was going to tutor Delilah?" I nodded. "He's going to get some, she's the easiest girl I've ever met." He said and laughed. I tried to laugh but I was hurt, but he was right. Delilah gets every guy, why would Harry turn her down. "Rose!" Ashton yelled, he handed me the blunt. "I've been saying your name. Stop worrying, he'll come around." He said and rubbed my back. Ashton is seriously my best friend. I have no idea what I would do without him.

"Shit, cops!" I yell. We were sitting in an alley, away from all traffic but I guess the cops seen us. "Put this out and lay it right under the dumpster. We're not going to waste this." I said and he did exactly as I said then we tried to act as normal as possible. He handed me some eye drops and we started talking like we were just hanging out.

"Excuse me?" The cop asked, politely. I looked up at him, "have you seen a male. Blonde, blue eyes, about 5'7?" I shook my head. "Damn, well thank you."

"If you don't mind me asking, what's going on?" I asked him and stood up to be level with him.

"A blonde male has been seen around these parts selling pills, weed, and even alcohol, we're just trying to find him."

"Oh, well I'll keep a look out." I said and sat back down beside Ashton. My mind was everywhere right now and I felt like I knew who they we're talking about. But hell, everyone around these parts are selling some kind of drugs everyday, it could be anyone.

"Rose, grab the blunt and let's head back to your house." Ashton said and stood up heading towards my car. I got in the car and headed toward my house but who I really wanted to see was my brother Calum. I wanted to see if he was going to Louis' party.

"Ash, do you want to go to Calum's with me? I'm sure he'd love some weed or pills."

He laughed at me, "do you even have any pills?" I pointed toward my middle console and he opened it up, finding my stash of pills and he smiled. "You mind?" He asked me, I shook my head. He grabbed a couple and popped them in his mouth. I laughed and got me one. I needed to get high quick or I would lose my mind. We pulled up to Calum's house and I was more than happy. He came outside when he heard our car doors shut.

"Calum!" I yelled and ran to hug him. I haven't seen him in weeks.

"Hey Rose." He said, hugging me. I handed him a bag of weed and a bag of pills. "You didn't have to, I have my own stash."

"I'm just being a good sister." He looked sad when I said that. "What's wrong, Calum?"

"Angela, she cheated on me with..."

"What? What the fuck, with who?!" I asked, I wanted to kill this bitch. We have been through enough. Our parents died a year ago and she knows how fragile Calum is.


"What the fuck. He is one of your best friends! Why would he do that, when did this happen?"

"Couple weeks ago." He answered and we walked in his house. "At his party."

"Uh, was this party before Halloween?" I asked, I was getting nervous. Because if that's that party, then she would have seen me sneak off with Harry and she would have told Calum. He nodded his head yes. "Oh." I said and looked down nervously.

"She said she seen you there. He said and opened the door to his house. Someone stood up from the couch and I froze right where I was. A mop of curls and green eyes was headed my way.

"H-Harry?" I asked. Calum didn't even seem surprised that I knew his friend.

"Harry said that you two know each other, and that he is your teacher. He also said you two met at Zayn's party and have been getting pretty close. I already warned him about hurting you." Calum teased, I laughed nervously.

"I came to apologize and to let you know I will not tutor Delilah. I'll get the smartest person in math to."

"Which would be me." Ashton said and stepped around us and went into the living room to light up another blunt.

"You did that for me?" He nodded his head. I just hugged him tight and we headed into the living room to find Calum and Ashton almost finished with the blunt. "What the fuck, I wanted a hit!" I yelled and Harry gave me a stern look. "What? You knew I was a pot head when you met me." I said and he looked down. "Ash, give me some pills since you and Calum want to take all the weed!" I laughed at him. Harry just took a sip of beer. I don't think anyone could look as sexy as him drinking a beer.


"This party is crazy as fuck, Lou!" I slurred, walking up to him to give him a hug.

He laughed and hugged me back, "Thanks Rose. Where's Harry?" He asked and I honestly had no idea. He was by my side all night but not right now.

"I had to piss bro. I'm going to take Rose home, she's gone." He said and laughed.

"I better be going to your house." I whispered in his ear and he smiled.

"Of course babe." He said and grabbed my hand. We said bye to everyone and was on our way out when I heard something.

"Fucking bitch." I walked around the corner to see a blonde haired guy, about 5'7. He looked rough, I think that's the guy the police were looking for. "You can't just take pills and not pay." He was yelling, and the girl seemed scared. He looked over to see me, I looked behind me and Harry wasn't there. I was too drunk to go find him. "What the fuck are you looking at?" He was walking towards me, I just stood there when I felt a sting on my face. I fell to the ground. I wasn't too drunk to respond though.

"What the fuck? What was that for you dick!" I yelled and felt a punch to the gut, "you are a coward." I said. I never knew when to keep my mouth shut. I felt a punch to the face and my vision blurred. I could hear voices and when I came to I seen Harry beating the fuck out of him. My boyfriend, my boyfriend can fight.

"Niall, you can't hit my fucking girlfriend!"

"Harry, I didn't know he apologized."

"Well, get the fuck out of here with your drugs. You are not allowed near her anymore, not until you sober up." He yelled and picked me up.

"Baby, I'm so sorry. I went to grab your coat, let's go." He said and carried me to his car. But I could keep my lips off his neck and I could tell he was getting excited.

"You're in for a surprise when we get to your place, you sexy thing."

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