~Fallen~ Kian Lawley Fanfiction

Acadia. She has seen darkness and light, pain and pleasure. She has been on both sides. She has gone through death, felt so much pain, but still, she cant rest. She has a job. To protect. She was sent by the voice from the clouds, to protect a boy. This boy was forbidden.
Acadia was supposed to be invisible, make no contact with the people around her, but this boy, he makes her brake rules.
She lived above for a while, but now, she simply has... fallen.


3. Starbucks Suprise

Acadia I walk through the crowded streets and finally make it to the nearest airport. When I get inside I search the building for a help service, or somewhere you can buy tickets. Finally, I find a lady dressed in blue behind a huge counter.

"Hi, ummm, can I buy tickets here?" I ask cautiously. She gives me a funny look. "Ummm…" she sounds, pointing above her. I look and see a huge sign, and on it in big letters it said "Ticket sales".

"Ohhh, umm, ya, sorry…" I say and I feel my cheeks blush pink. That’s embarrassing…

"Its fine." She says snottily, blowing a bubble with her gum. So she's that kind of girl…

"What tickets do you want?" she asks.

"oh, umm, there is supposed to be a flight to Los Angeles, California for $230?" I say peering over the counter, as if I might be able to find my flights listing.

"Hmmm, yes. One way ticket to L.A. The earliest flight is at 2:00, which is 1 and a half hours from now. Is that ok?" she says looking at the computer in front of her.

"Yes!" I say with way to much enthusiasm. What can I say, I'm excited. The lady looks at me funny.

"Sorry, just, really excited." I say, grabbing into my little backpack to find the money. Once I do, I give her a smile and put the $230 on the counter, keeping the $5 I had left over. She takes the money, then makes a few clicks on her computer. "Here." She says, handing me a piece of paper, aka the ticket.

"Thank you!" I say, and see nods.


"Flight to Los Angeles boarding." A masculine voice says through a speaker. I get up from the uncomfortable seat I have been sitting in for about an hour, and walk to the terminal. After a few minutes of waiting, I enter the plane. I feel the anxiety building up inside me. I am terrified of planes. I'm just going to have to toughen up. I walk to the furthest seat in the plane, all the way at the back, and sit in window seat. I wait for about 10 minutes then the plane starts to move. As soon as I know it, we are off the ground. I feel my stomach make twists and turns as we get higher. God, this is gonna be a long ride.


I bump in my seat as the wheels hit the ground, making my stomach churn. I was happy to get off this death trap. The plane waits for the motion to stop, then stands up and leaves. I'm practically pushing my way out. 'It's all going too be worth it.' I reminded myself through the whole ride, because its true. I walk out of the terminal and take a deep breath. Warmth. Its nice. Once I find my way out of the airport, I see I'm quite close to Kian's house. He lives with two other guys, Jc, and Ricky. They're nice. I start my way down the street to nowhere. I just hope to find him. Even though its against the rules to 'befriend' your… person. I have grown quite a liking to Kian. Like… a lot. I just wish I was normal. I keep going down the street to find a Starbucks. It's been… a long time since I've had Starbucks… I know I am really going to regret this later… I walk up to the front of the store, and walk in. Boy, its heaven. Well, not literally… but… whatever. I walk to the line and order my drink, giving them my $5 bill. I get $2.50 in return and I give them my name. "Acadia."

"Wow. Pretty name." The lady says and I smile and thank her. I wait for what feels like forever and they finally call my name. When I obtain the drink I see that they, yet again, spelt my name wrong. Aciadya? Really? I laugh to myself. Before I passed, they always spelt my name like that. I frown a little, but get over it quickly. Since I'm in no rush, I sit down in the little lounge area they have in the back. Then I see it. The warm brown hair, sharp jaw line, and the fact he's about 5 inches taller then everyone. Its him. Kian.

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