~Fallen~ Kian Lawley Fanfiction

Acadia. She has seen darkness and light, pain and pleasure. She has been on both sides. She has gone through death, felt so much pain, but still, she cant rest. She has a job. To protect. She was sent by the voice from the clouds, to protect a boy. This boy was forbidden.
Acadia was supposed to be invisible, make no contact with the people around her, but this boy, he makes her brake rules.
She lived above for a while, but now, she simply has... fallen.


4. She's Right

For so long I've been waiting for this. Now, he's right there. Suddenly, he looks at me. I look around flustered. We can't make any connections. I really don’t like that rule. How am I supposed to protect him from his fears and demons? Your probably wondering "What demons?". What I mean by demons, is his insecurities. He has a few… I also really don’t like this stupid rule because I have grown quite a liking towards him. He's cute.

I glance around the room quickly, trying to look anywhere but Kian. I give in. I slowly look past him. He is sitting by a table near the window, with… a girl? Ugh… who's this chick? She has bleach blond hair with piles of makeup on her face, and….. oh god that’s not even a shirt! And her shorts… they are literally, completely up her butt… Kiki! I thought you had better taste.

I scoff at the sight of her. Kian looks at me. Shit! He saw. He gives me a look and says something to the girl. My cheeks turn red and my stomach does a back flip. I look around the room, taking a quick sip of my drink, not knowing what else to do. When I look back to where he's sitting, I see him get up from his chair and walk towards me. Shit. Shit. Shit.

"Ummm… excuse me, but is there a problem?" he says making a face at me. What do I say?!

"I, umm, I…" I say stuttering. I'm just going to tell him the truth. I sigh.

"Ok, umm, I just think you could do so much better…" I say getting ready for what he has to say. He is so close to me. I take in all his fetchers. I feel my heart jump.

"Her? Alyssa? Ok, well, you…" he stutters as well.

"Fine, I see where your coming from but… you shouldn’t judge people you don’t know."

"I know, I'm sorry…" I apologise. He's right, she could have a nice personality.

 "Ok. Its… alright. So, bye, I guess." He says, and walks away, back to the girl. I exhale heavily. I need to go.


Kian's P.O.V

I walk back from the girl. She… she doesn’t know what she's talking about… Alyssa's nice. She's pretty… but I gotta admit, she is kinda… like not wearing any clothes. I sit back down in front of her.

"Hey, what was that?" she says looking at me.

"Oh, umm nothing. Just a fan." I lie.

"Ugh… they always bother you. Those bitches need to stop. Couldn’t she see we're on a date?" she complains. That’s it.

"Hey! My fans are amazing! I respect them. Don’t call them that."

"Well… its what needs to be said." At that I stand up from the table and walk out of the store. How dare she!? Those are my fans, an I love them. Even though that girl wasn’t a fan, the fact that Alyssa would call them that is stupid. That girl was right. I can do so much better. Not just some whore. I run out and see the girl sitting on a bench. I walk over to her and sit.

"You were right." I sigh.

"Wow! Geese, you scared me half to…" she stops. I see her frown.

"Is, is something wrong?" I ask.

"Oh what? No, no I'm good. And ya, I think I was." She giggles a bit. We still make no eye contact.

There is a pause between us.

"S-say, uh, you have a car with you?" I say.

"Uh, no. I walked. Sorry." She smiles slightly.

"Oh, no, I was just going to ask if you wanted a ride home, or wherever?"

"Oh, you don’t have to I mean…"

"I insist." I grin. She looks up at me.

"Oh ok." She laughs.   

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