~Fallen~ Kian Lawley Fanfiction

Acadia. She has seen darkness and light, pain and pleasure. She has been on both sides. She has gone through death, felt so much pain, but still, she cant rest. She has a job. To protect. She was sent by the voice from the clouds, to protect a boy. This boy was forbidden.
Acadia was supposed to be invisible, make no contact with the people around her, but this boy, he makes her brake rules.
She lived above for a while, but now, she simply has... fallen.


1. Introduction


I wiggle my frozen toes in my tattered combat boots, while watching the waves of people pass by in their warm scarves, and cosy winter jackets. I quickly re-zip the top of my jacket, as it unzipped while I stretched. My fingers are numb and I frequently get chills going down my spine. At the time, "I'm freezing" is an understatement. You may ask why I'm so cold. Well, I'm lost, in the middle of winter, with nowhere else to go. No house, no condo, and there is simply no way of getting one.

I watch the citizens walk by me, staring. I understand. Its not everyday you see an 18-year-old homeless girl.

A strong blow, gusts my long blond hair over my face. I've been on the streets of New York for about 2 months now, and have been saving up money for a plane ticket. For weeks, I was confused, scared, even angry, until I finally got the message. Not a letter passed on to me, or a text. A thought given to me, by a voice.

I have never, suddenly, known a person so well. I spontaneously received their full name, birthday, even favourite colour. I got information not even his best friends would know, without even meeting him. I was given so much information, it was overwhelming.

For weeks, I scrambled around the city for help, until that voice from above. It saved me.


I have a secret. A secret meant to keep. But you, are an exception.

I simply am… fallen.



OooooOOoooo! Hey wuddup guys! Syd here! So there! My new Kian Lawley fanfiction "Fallen"! Its mysterious and well, I just think its cool!

If you’re a little confused just wait for the next  chapter, it will explain most things! I wanted the introduction to be kinda mysterious, like I said, so I didn't explain as much. I will update as soon as I can! Don’t know how often yet, but I will keep you posted!

Also, I got a lot of inspiration for this story from a fanfic called "Refill 2", and i would like to point it out.

Here's a link to it- http://www.wattpad.com/story/9426362-refill-2   

I loved this fanfiction so much and I thought it was really interesting! It’s the second fanfic of the series, and I hope you check it out the first one too!

Thanks for reading and have a great day!



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