~Fallen~ Kian Lawley Fanfiction

Acadia. She has seen darkness and light, pain and pleasure. She has been on both sides. She has gone through death, felt so much pain, but still, she cant rest. She has a job. To protect. She was sent by the voice from the clouds, to protect a boy. This boy was forbidden.
Acadia was supposed to be invisible, make no contact with the people around her, but this boy, he makes her brake rules.
She lived above for a while, but now, she simply has... fallen.


2. $10


I continue to sit on the frozen concrete, while people walk past me. I have a beanie sat in front of me, used to collect the single dimes or quarters "generous" civilians throw to me. Literally, throw at me. When "packs" of humans walk by, I cant even see who the coins come from most of the time.

I don’t understand why not anyone has at least 2 dollars to spare. Most of the people waltz around in their expensive down jackets and Ugg boots, and they give nothing. I mean come on!

While I complain in my head, a "kind soul" drops something into my hat. I smile and thank him. I peer into my hat and see that he had dropped a dollar bill. More then I got all day, but really, I need more then this. I need to get that plane ticket as fast as I possibly can, and if I don’t, I will fail at my job. I need to get at least $225 for the ticket to California. I have been collecting as much money as I can for the last 2 months, and I just need $10 more. I'll probably get that in the next 2 days, so I'm getting pretty excited. It helps that the ones from above, or as most people call us, Angles, don’t need to eat. Its quite confusing is the angel tactics. You see, we like the feeling of eating, but it simply is not necessary. It saves money, not eating, so I can get to California faster. Getting there faster, means I can get to Kian faster. Kian… Kian is the one I watch over. He is the boy the voice sent me to. He is the lucky one. I am supposed to protect him from underneath, or the ones below. They can put much misery on a person, and influence them to do things they would regret for the rest of their life, if they even the rest of their life to spare. It is a very serious matter, and I need to get to him.

 As I finish my thoughts, a elderly lady, wrapped in a wool scarf, walks towards me, slowly. She rummages through her tiny purse for something, I'm guessing a coin.

I make a small smile, then get back to the small drawing of myself that I have been creating on the cold floor, with a small piece of chalk that I found weeks ago. I was the only thing I had to do this whole time.

Finally, the fragile woman stands slouched in front of my cotton hat.

"You look so cold honey, I hope this helps." She says in a kind, caring voice. After she finishes looking through her wallet, she hands me an American 10 dollar bill. A 10 fricken dollar BILL?!

My face lights up instantaneously, and I take the bill from the woman's hand, before she could change her mind.

"Thank you! You have no idea how much this means to me!" I smile big as I examine the bill. Its real alright! Now I have exactly the right amount to buy the plane ticket. Joy fills all of my body, and I cant contain it.

I jump up from my seat, and hug the woman. She slightly hugs back, obviously feeling awkward. I let go and lean down to pick up the beanie on the floor. The lady walks away slowly and I laugh at myself.


After counting out all the quarters, dimes, and even nickels, I finally found out that I had 5 dollars to spare. My insides jumped, and butterflies flew. I don’t know why I was so nervous and excited to see him. Its not like I can make contact with him anyway…

I looked around New York for a coin machine that swaps change for bills. Finally I found one and I poured all of the coins into the machine, getting $230 in bills in return. I shoved the money into a small pocket in my small backpack I had had since the beginning, along with the tiny piece of chalk I still had in my hand. The bag had about 2 pairs of clothes, my iPhone, and a second pair of shoes packed inside it. Sadly, I couldn’t use the iPhone because it had lost it battery life ages ago. I had it since my "resurrection" in this un-familiar place of New York.

Now, I just need to find an airport. I ask a few people and find out its only a block from my little beggars corner. There's no way to get there, then to walk, so I pull my ripped backpack over my shoulder, and I start pushing my way down the street.



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