evil is good

The world is ending


3. the sacrafice

Nobody seemed to notice the sound. I tried to move to the sound but the rope would just dig into my skin and would force me back to the middle of the wooden platform.  I didn't notice that a flow of people that  were starting to enter. " Welcome me friends." A loud voice shouted  I looked up . On A ledge was a man he had hands the size of a basket ball with white hair tied back in a neat ponytail and a shining gold crown on top." This criminal has apparently disobeyed the rules." He boomed. "for zat she shall zee punished!" A sharp voice said a woman stepped out from behind the king her hair shining white with a blood red dress and a silver crown giving of a blinding light I gulped if queen ezzy was here this was not good at all I turned my head away to scared to look at them then I saw a wisp of blue and white coming through the crowd slowly and gracefully while the queen finished her speech and the king had a annoying look on his face. "You done dear you do know that was me part." The  wisp finally reached me and slithered into me. I didn't feel anything but shock.Suddenly the queen stopped talking and the wooden platform disappeared. I screamed but no voice came out my feet were hanging in the air the rope burned into my throat then I my popping eyes reach the ledge the king and queen gone replaced by men bows loaded pointing at me. They finally let the arrow go. It spins round and round waiting to hit its target. But it doesn't instead a fire a starts and everybody starts to run and shout, but I think I disappear. Yes I disappear and nobody notices not that they will care any way. I woke up in a quiet place on a comfortable bed I got up but couldn't I was strapped down I started to use my old trick. When I was little I was so annoyed because I couldn't open the locked door but then I discovered a way I would take my finger nail and stick it in the hole and then twist It then the door would open. "trying the old lock trick sis?" I stopped it couldn't be no. "Mary?"

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