evil is good

The world is ending


5. Mist

" Is everything okay here? " A little girl's head said in a whisper. Me and Mary looked at the little girl. She was so thin and her pale skin with dark brown hair she almost looked like a ghost. Mary straightened up. "Yes of course were fine. Mist my sister Samantha. "

" hello. " Mist said in such  a quiet voice that I had to lean over to hear. " Hello Mist it was very nice of you to save me. " I replied gently. Mist just blushed giving color to her bony cheeks and just skipped away. Then it hit me I was no fighter Mary always was I remembered in first grade she slapped a boy because he pushed her aside and she tied the teachers hand because of the surprise test. Mary was always the fighter not me I was useless to both sides I didn't even have magical powers. " you no Mist she's no ordinary girl she's smart. That's why the army took her. Her parents died in a war that's been going on.....for ever Mist had gone mad and refused to eat she became Ill... until she saw me being hanged she came back to life and saved me starting eating more became healthier. But nobody understands her except me without me she forgets..... everything. " I gulped. Then a little boy ran into the room. " wea are under attack! " he was  young about 10 strangely he looked just like Mary. With those blue eyes and blond hair he turned around and saw me then he made a sad face and ran away. " who is that? " i ask gently. Mary just looks down and takes a deep breath. " who is that" I shout at her starting to shake. " that is my son Jack and.. I don't want to lose him in war! " a fire starts and I faint.

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