evil is good

The world is ending


6. Cave

I fainted in the middle of a invasion!!! I'm definitely useless I'm pretty sure no side will be happy to have me just another mouth to feed that can't give anything back in return. I woke up on damp moss in a cave I think so. I reach out my hand to feel around when some thing bit me. I tried to scream but whoever the person was put their hand on my mouth and whispered " shhhh be quiet. " I stopped my heart beating in my ears after a few minutes I heard footsteps a gun fire scream then complete silence. After a few minutes later I felt the hand released and relaxed a bit. " So who are you? " it was a males  voice disappointment took over me I was hoping it would be Mary. " I'm Samantha I was about to be hanged when my my sister and her friend saved me. " I was careful to not give away any names or information. " who are you? " I asked .He sighed " you know you can trust me. I'm Charles I was in the secret plan to overthrow the kingdom. But they bombed mother tree and every one flees but I saw you so I saved you. "  Charles said simply. I thought about it I realized I never asked about where I was now I would never no where I was. " who were you with in the tree? " Charles asked. " huh oh yeah that was my sister Samantha. " Charles jumped up " was Jack there is he okay! " Charles asked hardly breathing. " um he was fine when I saw him. But why ask? " I ask slowly. " Jack he's my son and Samantha my wife. I thought they were dead after the last war but but there alive! " he said so excitedly. " okay stay here and I'll get some light wow was the tear that big the war was 5 years ago! After a few minutes a big fire started I fell back shocked. " that scared me ! " Charles smiled " I work silently. " he said. This was the first time I saw him. He had dark brown hair a pale face with soft brown eye's with a weird sword that was glowing purple. He was the complete opposite of Mary. " where is everybody else? " I asked feeling drowsy. " there all safe at a backup camp. We will go tomorrow. When its safe. " then I fell asleep. 

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