evil is good

The world is ending


4. begining of war!!!!!!!!!!

"So you remember me?" she said in her usual cheerful tone. I turned my head in her direction. She was just as I imagined she would be with her long blonde hair and bright blue eyes always shining with confidence. "O f course I remember but what are you doing here. Didn't you disappear on the night of the scare moon?" I asked. " Samantha. " She stopped and started to laugh. " of course I disappeared but not the way you imagined it I was lost in the woods trying to find berries for mothers cake. Remember? " I thought about that day I was only 7 and Mary was 9 mother had sent her out to find berries we waited for hours and hours but she never came home. Mother had gone crazy and blamed me for her actions. " Yeah I remember but what happened? " I asked. " Unfortunately the kings men found me and took me to the so called highness. After that they decided to hang me because in a..........peasant there is no loyalty!" she spat out the last few words. " but your alive! " I say in surprise. A smile broke out on her lips. " unfourtanaly  the king and queen don't no what there doing write and wrong. You see Mist found me and retrieved me with her orb." I jumped up in excitement. " was the orb blue and white cause that thing went inside me and and I disappeared! Well I think I did I couldn't really tell but what was that thing?" I ask courlesly. " that my friend is magic you see the king and queen May have high tech guns and things like that, but we have magic on our side. Things far more powerful beyond your imagination!" Mary said proudly. "That's silly there's no such thing as... Magic! There all stories and movies that don't exist!" I replied a little to harshly. Mary just laughed " so no such thing as magic," she managed then her expression darkened "there is only one side you can choose sister it's us  or them you better make your choices wisely." She finished. "what are you talking about Mary? " I ask fear starting to take over me. " Samantha we people are going to war with royalties were taking over. " Mary said gently. " why. "I ask my voice shaking. " because Samantha a light can't burn without a shadow. And were tired of being the shadow that follows. "










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