evil is good

The world is ending


2. a story yet to be told

I spin around and see my mother standing there glaring at me i turn back but can still feel her eyes boring into the back of my neck." hurry up and get home before the guards come" i started to walk home not thinking about anything. I open the door with my mother behind me. " What do you think your doing! do you have any idea about how much trouble we are in!" my mother told me in a hushed voice. "But" i couldn't finish my sentence because there was a knock on the door. My mother hid in the pantry while i went to open the door.Outside was a wealthy man brown hair blue eyes wearing a red uniform that meant he was in the queens army. i gulped and said "hello soldier what brings you all the way

here?" " i don't have time for games i know you lost all 45 homeless children when you were responsible for them and for that you shall be punished." I gulped again. " What type of punishment?" i quietly say. "that is for the queen to decide." then he tied my wrist and dragged me to the castle. Once arrived to the door a really fat man in the same red uniform said to the guy"Hey there Tom and whose that your dragging?" his voice was very weird but it could be my imagination." This is a unworthy person and a disgrace to the majesty."tom said in a singsong voice. the fat guard nodded and stepped aside to let us through. This is when everything went black and i could feel my self being carried around a maze. When my vision finally cleared i was shocked to find myself on a  board platform and a rope around my neck. I was starting to panic when i heard the scream.

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