Lost Prophets II

Finally. Answers. It's what they've been looking for, or so they think...


1. Chapter one

His head hurt. Severely.

He knew there was only one thing that could cause this pain so intensely: his master.

The infamous duo had been acquainted long before either had received their roles, and he'd always looked up to Nightmare with adoration and envious awe.

Since the day they had been given their roles, in order to make sure his master was safe, Gray had bound himself to his master, so should the other ever need him, he'd be at thought's reach.

The other end of the line had been almost deathly quiet, so for once since they'd been to the hospital, Gray had been able to get some sleep, until the pain of the disturbed echo from the other end of the bond had ripped through several layers of his subconscious to reach the dream level he was in. The pain had been searing-damn near unbearably painful, and the younger was afraid something had happened to his sickly master, until the pain had dulled just enough for the boy to slip back into a deep slumber.

Now the pain had escalated enough to disturb him again, and Gray was worried what kind of trouble had to have gotten into to be suffering so badly...

But the last time the boy had sent his lizard companion to check on his master, he lizard had been nearly crushed, half-startling and nearly killing the surprised Gray himself.

The boy had received quite the beating-but, as usually transpired, it hadn't affected him, and it barely smarted. His loyalty to his only master and best friend was much more important to him than his own safety. And besides-he wasn't in any immediate danger-he'd simply been beaten as punishment for 'sneaking out' of his cell.

And yet, of all the places, al the times, all the possible people...

He was worth risking it all just to be rid of this absurd headache.

The small creature darted down the hall, following the light line of pebbles along the edge of the hall that made up the lining for the cell a. It was originally intended to prevent water leakage, but now was used to keep bugs and insects in with the patients rather than out with the guards.

The lizard ran past said guards, trailing the familiar path of claw marks and scratches he himself had made so he could find his way to his master. As quickly as he'd been running, Gray found the white padded door, stopping before he could bump into it, and chewed and clawed his way into the room to get to its inhabitant. Finally, the pads gave in, and the lizard ran in to a huddled form curled up in the corner, but froze, dead in it's tracks, and bolted away.

But it was too late.

Small, chubby fingers grabbed the lizard, crushing the creature between it's razor teeth with a sickening crunch.

Down the hall, there was a sudden blood-curdling scream, before deafening silence fell into the halls, leaving only the sounds of the guards continuing their celebration.

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