The Swap

My name is Alaska Moore. Apparently I look like Eleanor Calder. One day me and her bumped into eachother. That was the day I don't regret. That was the day I found the love of my life. If only he knew I wasn't her.


1. Chapter 1

Alaska POV

It is a nice day outside. I decided to walk to Starbucks rather than drive. I could drive, but I would get stuck in traffic. As I was approaching Starbucks. I went straight to the loo. I was about to push the door in, when someone came out. We bumped into eachother.

"I'm so sorry. I should've watched where is was going." I said as I was looking up at the person.

"It's alright." She said. She looked up as well. She had a look of complete shock. Once I got a good look of her I was sure I had the same look on my face. "Why do you look like me?" She asked.

"I don't know. Why do you look like me?" After I asked that question. I mentally face-palmed. How would she know the answer. I said to myself. She gave me an are-you-kidding-me look. I just gave her a smile.

"Since you are here. I have a question to ask you. " she said. I just nodded for her to continue. "Do you think that we can switch lives for just a little bit?" She asked.

"Why I don't even know your name. Why would I switch lives with you?" I asked. I realized how harsh that came out. "Sorry I didn't mean for it to sound harsh but I just don't understand." I said to her.

"My name is Eleanor Calder. I'm shocked you didn't recognize me." She said.

"Are you famous or something?" I said to her.

"Do you know One Direction?" She asked. I nodded my head.

"Yes I do. My best friend is a big fan of theirs. " I said.

"Well I'm dating Louis Tomlinson. I just want a break from the life of being in the spotlight. I can't handle the hate anymore. I love him, but I just can't handle being in the spotlight anymore." She explained to me.

"Why don't you just break up with him then?" I asked her.

"I can't break his heart. I love him. He would be devastated. I can't do that. He would be ruined, and not be himself and I would get more hate. I will come back when I find a way to break it off or I will stay." She said.

"I'll think about it. I just really need to use the loo. My name is Alaska Moore by the way. " I said to her with a smile. She moves aside to allow me in.

"I'll wait at a table to continue talking to you." She said. I just nodded and went in and did my business. As I was washing my hands I was thinking about it. I have nothing better to do. I didn't want to go to university right away. I wanted to take a break from education. I might as well do it. She looked pretty desperate. I can also see how it's affecting her. She had bags under her eyes. I let out a sigh and left the loo. I was looking for her once I spotted her I went to the table.

"Have you decided yet?" She asked getting to the point. She looked very desperate.

"I will do it since you look like you need a break." I said to her with a smile.

"Thank you so much! I will give you the keys and my phone and tell you everything you need to know." She said to me.

"That fine do you want to go to my flat. I live alone so we will be fine for when we switch." I said suggested to her.

"That would be fine. We could just take my car and you can just give me directions." She said. I just nodded my head, and we got drinks and left to my flat.


Once we arrived at my flat I let her in. She looked around and nodded her head in approval. She took a seat on the couch. I took a seat next to her, and she started telling everything I need to know about her friends and the boys. One she was done I told her about my best friend and that she was visiting her family at the moment. I also told her that I don't go to university even though it's summer time. Once we were done I gave her my phone and keys. She gave me her phone and keys to everything. She also told me everything that is scheduled is in the phone.

After we were done talking about everything. We ordered in and got Chinese. We had dinner and watched tv. Once we were done we cleaned up and I was getting ready to leave. She handed me everything I needed.

"You got this. I will check up on you. If they become suspicious call me and tell me." She said. I nodded and hugged her. We said goodbye.

I walked out to her car and got in and started it. I put the address of her flat in the gps on the phone. I just put some music on and drove to the flat. I was at a stop light when a One Direction song came on. The light turned green and the song was catchy. I pulled up to a building. I got out and walked inside heading to the flat. I walked inside and toured around. Her bedroom was huge. It had a queen size bed but had a little living area in it with a desk and book shelf with a huge walk in closet. I got ready for bed and laid down in bed and thought how my life is going to change. My phone buzzed I look at it. I had a text from Louis.

From Louis:

I miss you love! Can't wait to see youxxx

What am I suppose to say...

To Louis:

Miss you more. Can't wait to see youxxx

I don't know why but I'm really nervous, im never nervous. Guess got to see how this will go. I put the phone on its charger on the nightstand. I turned the light off rolled over and fell into a works of darkness.

Hope you guys like this story. Not many about this topic. Hopefully I'll be one to finish it.

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