Iron Shadow Dragon's Love

Gajeel and Levy finally admit their love to each other. However, a mission comes up where both of them have to work together. Will their feelings get in the way of the mission?


4. Xarawok's Request

         Lily and Levy were both flabbergasted at what Gajeel said. However, they quickly tucked away their feelings as the trio entered into the hut. Once inside, a voice boomed, "Who dares step into my home?!"

         Gajeel responded curtly, "Me, you old bastard."

         "Gajeel? Why are you here?"

         "You asked me to be here, old man."

         Xarawok met the trio and took them into the kitchen. His wife made food and drink for all of them as Gajeel asked, "What do you need me here for? The job seems very vague."

         Xarawok responded, "Well, it's because you're the only one who can actually help."

         "What is the problem?"

        "Phantom Lord. They're a dark guild. We need you to get rid of them."

        "Phantom Lord?! They were disbanded seven years ago!"

        "They've been assailing us. They killed my son... Gajeel, you're the only one who can help us."

        Gajeel was torn in his mind. He stood up and went outside, his inner turmoil getting the better of him. Levy and Lily were both shocked. Phantom Lord? Things were already getting pretty bad. 

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