Iron Shadow Dragon's Love

Gajeel and Levy finally admit their love to each other. However, a mission comes up where both of them have to work together. Will their feelings get in the way of the mission?


3. Lily's Encouragement

          Zerez, thought Lily, the village of my Dragonslayer. What secrets do you hide? Gajeel avoided speaking of his past besides Metalicana, the dragon who raised him, whenever Lily asked about it. He also revealed his biggest weakness to his companion: his fear of being alone. Lily took all of that into consideration as the trio walked into Zerez, staring at Gajeel like they'd seen a ghost.

          Whispers were exchanged as the address of the client came closer and closer. The largest hut was where they stopped. Lily looked at Gajeel with a look of surprise as he was set down. "Is this the address of the client, Levy," Lily asked her, shocked at the silence of Gajeel.

         "This is the address alright. Are you alright, Gajeel," Levy asked him, her eyes and face expressing concern.

         "Yeah. I just have a really bad feeling about this," Gajeel said, horror and contempt in his voice and eyes.

         "Don't be so worried, Gajeel. This should be a pleasant experience, not a bad one."

         "Zerez natives hated me. I would be bullied, made fun of, and attacked due to my being different. This job has Xarawok written all over it."


         "The chief whose son I maimed in self-defense."

         "What happened?"

         "He called me a liar about being a Dragonslayer. I had enough and decided that he needed to have proof. Metalicana scolded me afterwards, but he did respect my decision."

         "How long ago was this?"

         "A year before Metalicana vanished. Fifteen years ago."

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