Iron Shadow Dragon's Love

Gajeel and Levy finally admit their love to each other. However, a mission comes up where both of them have to work together. Will their feelings get in the way of the mission?


2. Levy's Mission

           Gajeel was absolutely taken aback that his hometown specifically requested for his help, as well as Levy being with him. Lily sat on his shoulder, in deep thought about the complexities surrounding his owner’s origins. Levy stared at Gajeel, wondering what the now Iron Shadow Dragonslayer would do in his hometown. Out of all the Dragonslayer wizards, he was the only one without an Exceed (until about 8 years ago), and hadn’t revealed his origin either. I wonder what his story is, thought Levy. Natsu’s story was that he was raised by a dragon, and same with all the others, but Gajeel had a hometown while being trained by his dragon? This has some complications that I didn’t expect. Makarov’s words echoed in Levy’s head: “Gajeel was saved from darkness by me, but he’s come to be a brat now. This quest will cut the ties to his past. He never asked for what happened, and now he can atone for his time in Phantom Lord. Help him when he’s weak, for he’s helped you when he’s strong. Remind him that feelings are not a weakness, but a strength in Fairy Tail.”
           That’s exactly what I plan to do, Master. Levy looked at Gajeel’s face, and the expression it held was one that appalled her. Despite his expressionless face, his eyes betrayed the pain and sadness he remembered as the trio grew closer to their destination.

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