Iron Shadow Dragon's Love

Gajeel and Levy finally admit their love to each other. However, a mission comes up where both of them have to work together. Will their feelings get in the way of the mission?


1. Gajeel's Trial

      What is the deal with Master, Gajeel thought as he awoke in his home. It's not like anyone could actually give a damn about me, could they?
      Yawning, he set up a bath for himself, thinking about everyone in Fairy Tail. “Gajeel, someone’s at the door,” Panther Lily said, his deep and powerful voice not suiting his small Exceed body.
         “Go ahead and get it. Just tell them I’m bathing at the moment,” Gajeel said calmly, wondering who would actually come to visit him.
         “Gajeel, it’s someone that you wouldn’t expect.”
         “Well, who the hell is it?”
         “Gajeel, it’s Levy,” Levy said softly, a blush in her cheeks as Lily led her into the kitchen.
          Shit!! How did she find out where I lived, Gajeel thought as he quickly finished his bath and got dressed in his usual black vest and white pants with black combat boots. He stepped out, looking directly at her. He couldn’t hide the blush in his cheeks. “What brings you to my home,” he asked, looking down as he feels stupid for what he said.
          “I came here because I have a job I want to do, but it also has you requested to do it. May I join you on doing the job?”
          “That depends, can you handle Lily going with us?”
          “Of course! He’s your Exceed! I wouldn’t deny him joining us.”
          “Alright. Why do this job with me then?”
          “Master said that it would broaden your horizons, and make you less isolated.”
           Damn him! Why can’t he just trust that I’ll be fine? Besides, Salamander hasn’t been around to beat the crap out of. What could actually happen? “Okay. Where’s the job?”
          “In your hometown, I’m guessing. They specifically asked for you.”

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