Percy jacksons SISTER?

What if PJ had a sister?


1. what in hades is going on here ?

The girl must die .

I shot up out of my bed not wanting to hear the rest of the dream. By the way I'm Percy Jackson son of posiden and stuff. Any way that dream creeped the heck out of me. There was two dudes standing at the edge of a huge valley .It freaked me because the guy said the girl must die but the odd part is he said my my posiden has been naughty . Did I have a sister?! I ran to big house to tell Chiron and probably would have been gutted like a fish by a guard if he hadn't had looked before he gutted . Percy man you scared the crap out of me .Umm I can't see who it is under your mask thing dude . Ohhh its Malcolm .Anyway I said I need to get to the big house... Oh yeah go .As I ran into the big house I saw annabeth sitting on a chair describing something to Chiron .A dream perhaps? Hello Percy takes seat . ummm there's no ... Suddenly a chair appeared in front  of me. I sat down pretty quick listening to annabeth  talk it sounded kinda like mine. This will be good I muttered to myself

( disclaimer I do not  own Percy Jackson )

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