Percy jacksons SISTER?

What if Percy had a sister ?and what if Percy's sister had to be safely escorted to chb by none other than Percy himself What could go wrong ?


10. The War Council

When we got to the war council table, I stood there for a second just staring at it. It didn't look like anything I had imagined. It had cheez whiz and and crackers at every corner. There was also a giant bowl of delicious looking nachos in the middle of the table. The leader of all the cabins were there. I was staring at the bowl of nachos until Percy whispered in my ear. Just sit down anywhere." I snapped out of it and sat down next to Percy and Annabeth. "So, we're here to discuss where they will head to." Began Chiron. "I know where Hogwarts is." He added. There was many confused mumbles like, "did he say hogfarts" and , " Pigwarts?" Chiron sighed impatiently. "Hogwarts is the name of the school." He said over the voices. "Man, you'd think wizards would have a better name for their school than pig pimples." somebody muttered under their breath. Everybody started talking again. Chiron frowned. "Silence." He said. Every one kept talking. He said it two more times without success. His lips curled with anger. "SILENCE!!!!" "I believe  that Hogwarts is in england  and for mortals it is impossible to see , well not impossible just approachable what they would see is a dangerous old castle with signs like beware, and stay back" " So kind of like the mist "percy said . "Sort of" Chiron answered 

"But instead of the mortals just seeing it like that the wizards make it like that with magic" Chiron continued."Again with this magic thing, I call bull" yelled Connor. " Would I be putting the camp in danger for something fake " Said Chiron gravely.


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