Percy jacksons SISTER?

What if Percy had a sister ?and what if Percy's sister had to be safely escorted to chb by none other than Percy himself What could go wrong ?


6. Nico Talks to Some Dead People. No Biggie.

Nico came in. "What?" He asked. "I need help with something." I said, my voice shaking. "What do you need help with?" He asked. "Okay. So, can you tell me if these two notes have the same writing?" I showed him a note my dad had written in the past that I had kept and the note that my dad had written about leaving for New York. Nico thought for a second. "They're not the same. This one that says he's leaving for New York looks like it's written by a left handed person while the other one looks like it has been written by a right handed person." He said. I sighed. "That's what I thought, but I wasn't sure" "So, I'm going to talk to some ghosts and and see if they  know anything." I stared at him. "You're gonna what????" I said.

"Oh, well, since I am a son of Hades, I can speak to dead people." He replied. "That's not creepy at all." I mutter under my breath. "Whatever." Nico said. Percy comes in then and just plops down, chewing on a piece of steak. "Hey." He says. Actually, his mouth is full of food, so it sounds more like, "Hurrgph." He swallowed. "What's Nico doing here?" Percy asks. "I'm helping Ashlyn find out where her dad went, do you have an issue with that?" Nico snapped. "No, no, it's totally cool." I frowned. "Yep, so cool." I say. "Can you guys hush? I'm trying to.summon the dead." Nico said.




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