Percy jacksons SISTER?

What if Percy had a sister ?and what if Percy's sister had to be safely escorted to chb by none other than Percy himself What could go wrong ?


4. Can I leave now? No? Fine.

"You are not going anywhere, young lady." Chiron said. Crap." I muttered. "Whatever." I said. "Why have you kidnapped me?" Percy laughed. "Kidnapped? No I think we saved you." "Saved?!?" I said incredulously. "You took my dad away, got me knocked unconscious, and almost got me killed!" I yelled. "One at a time Ashlyn, first of all we did not steal or take your father. He either got killed by a monster or left you on purpose." "MY FATHER IS NOT DEAD!" I screamed. "I don't care about you people, just let me leave this freak show!" "Ashlyn, you need to calm down." "Shut up, just shut up!" "Chiron, can I talk to Ashlyn outside? I know what she's going through right now." Percy said. "Okay." I followed him outside, stomping the entire way. "What do you want." I said irritably. "I know how you're feeling." "You know nothing." I snapped. "Really?" he said, "I bet you have ADHD and dyslexia." Percy said in a matter of fact tone. "Actually, no. I have all A's and I may be hyper, but no. I don't have ADHD or ADD." "Well this is a first." He said in a suprised  tone. Suddenly, a girl walked up who looked exactly like Percy. Since Percy looked like me, I guess she looked like me too. "Percy." She said. "here's a fight going on, you better get down there now. "Not again ..."

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