Percy jacksons SISTER?

What if Percy had a sister ?and what if Percy's sister had to be safely escorted to chb by none other than Percy himself What could go wrong ?


3. Am I crazy? Don't lie.

After my extremely crazy, brave friend thumped the monster on the head with a sword, she caught a cab and got to that camp with my money! I was sitting in the infirmary ( what kind of camp has an infirmary? ) when I realized that my friend had said she fought monsters. WTF?!? I put the pieces together. The weird kid, my monster fighting friend, and my missing dad. I gasped. I had always loved Greek mythology, but could this be true ? Was my head messing with me or...NO! It couldn't be there was no way It wasn't possible. I was just having a really weird dream with magical creatures. Odd, but that had to be it. Or not. That's what I thought because just as I thought that a Giant horse man ... Centaur, that's what it is. Anyway, he walked in with the same kid as last time and a tan blonde girl. First, the kid said  "She looks like me, Chiron. She could be my sister!" He exclaimed happily. "Excuse me, but I'm  an only child, so I don't think that's possible." "Oh, trust me." Blondie said, "You probably have plenty of siblings." I glared at her. Who did this girl  think she was, talking to me like I was the idiot ! What nerve in deed. That's when I snapped. "Listen,"I said. "I don't know where I am or who you are so, if you could please tell me, I'll be out of your hair." I got up and started walking towards the infirmary door.

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