Percy jacksons SISTER?

What if Percy had a sister ?and what if Percy's sister had to be safely escorted to chb by none other than Percy himself What could go wrong ?


9. A New Beginning

"-Annabeth Chase, my brother Percy Jackson, and Aleceia Peterson." There were many mutters of anger and someone yelled out " Two from the same cabin?!? That's not fair !!!!!" "Stop whining, Connor." Annabeth yelled. "Just because Aleceia  is your girlfriend, it doesn't mean you can be super overprotective!" I put up my hand stop Annabeth from saying anything more. Connor' s voice was filled with power and confidence when he spoke. He would be good on the quest."Your boyfriend gets to come." I said to Aleceia. More yells out outrage rang throughout the clearing. I looked at Annabeth and Aleceia. They nodded in agreement to my decision."Be quite children, the quest leader has made her decision and they have agreed." Chiron said. When they all settled down, Chiron spoke again. "I believe I know what the prophecy means by magical school.(FYI: This is a Harry Potter/Percy Jackson crossover ) l believe they are talking about a magical school for witches and wizards." Chiron said. There was an uproar. "Witches and wizards don't exist, horsebrain!!!! Even if they do, my brother isn't going anywhere!!!" Yelled Connor's brother, Travis Stoll. Connor stood up and I could see him clearly. He had wild blonde hair that stuck up in a lot of places. His green eyes sparkled with mischief, like he would stick a lit firecracker down your pants for fun. Now, anger was mixed in. Travis looked exactly like him, just a little shorter. "Just because you're older by five minutes doesn't me you can boss me around!!!" Connor yelled. Travis opened his mouth to yell back, but I'd had enough.  "Shut up, you guys!! Let Chiron talk!!" I yelled. Chiron raised an eyebrow at me. "Ashlyn has spoken. Annabeth Chase, Aleceia Peterson, and Connor Stoll will accompany her on her quest to the magic school. Anyone who objects will be given kitchen duties with the harpies." He said. No one objected. He smiled. "Now, let's go to the dining hall for some breakfast, shall we?" At breakfast, there were a lot of people muttering things like, " Wow! She gets to go on a quest the second day she's here!" and "Witches and wizards? Yeah right." I just ignored them and ate. After we were all packed up, Annabeth, Aleceia, Connor, Percy, and I headed to the war council meeting.

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