Why me?

Aphrodite has a secret that she cant tell anyone! The only one who knows is her mom and little brother Britton. It has always been hard to trust people because of her secret. When she gets a matchmaker will it work or will it lead her down a whole new path?


3. Things I Decided To Tell.


~~Harrys POV:



   I was excited to see her I admit, from what her mother told me I think ill like her. I went up to her door and rang the little golden bell on the house. The house was amazing...-the exterior anyway. It was very tall and looked about 3 story's high. It was AMAZING!


I was stunned when a girl opened the door in a tight showy red dress. I stood there admiring how gorgeous she looked in that. "Hi im Harry!" I managed to get out. "Yes! Hi!" she stood examining me up and down then back up again, I was assuming she was looking at my outfit. I usually left a few un-buttoned buttons on my shirt but then she looked down with a face that looked like she was glaring at the floor. I asked her "Oh is it the buttons? Im sorry-" I said and started to re-button them back up. "NO- no its - I-im ok" "Are you sure?" I asked with a chuckle. "Yes" she softly smiled at me. "Oh-um come in" she said rushed. "Thank you" she mumbled something that I couldn't make out what she said but Im sure it didn't matter.

Aphrodite's POV: I all the sudden started getting "that feeling" the one I was talking about. I had to do something before it did something for me...

He turned around to observe the inside of my house, his back turned. I quickly used my power needing use to make a chandelier on the ceiling  hoping he didn't notice.

"You have a very big gorgeous house." he said turning back around. Thank god he didn't notice. I knew that he was going to say that...everyone did. Im a goddess for crying out loud what do you expect? "Thanks" I just said like I did to everyone else.

"So we can work in my room? Or we can work in the theater room?" I asked.                                                              "Uh ya ok" I decided I would choose the theater room so I can so something more then make a chandelier because that was a temporary filler.  I am going to re- arrange my room... business type. I snapped my fingers and changed it. Now my power was full bar. "Um lets do the theater room." I said. he nodded and I lead the way. When we went in he gasped. I laughed. Here is what it looks like...   (above)

"What do you think?" I asked "Its AMAZING... if that's even a word for it!" "Ready to start?" "Yeah-" he said snapping out of his thoughts. "Ok so usually I start with you filling out a form... is that fine?" "Why you asking me... your the expert!"

-After filling out the form and answering questions-

"Hey you wanna take a break that was long" I asked.

"Tired already?" He chuckled. "No just...don't make me make up some excuse" I pouted. "Ok" he said in defeat. "Do you want something to eat or drink? " I asked. "Do you have tea?" he asked "Duh!" "Ok that" he said laughing. "What kind?" I asked him. He looked at me puzzled.. " I've never heard that question before" Well we have them all" "Surprise me!" he said.  "okayyyy sure you trust me? "yeah" he said hesitantly. I nod and walk to the kitchen. I snapped up the special tea we made. Yes, we can literally make new flavors. We didn't have a name for it but I was sure to come up with one. Everyone said it tasted like Carmel and apple. They all thought it was amazing. So I brought it to him. He said " what did you choose?" he asked taking the cup from me. "Im not telling just taste it" "This better be good" he says. -Sips- He shoots his head up from the cup to me. "WHAT IS THIS?!?!" "How is it?" I ask. This is Amazing! what kind is it?" He pauses " I have to buy it!" "You cant buy it" I blurt out. He looks at me " Why?"

"How about we get back to working?" I say. "Fine" he sighs. After he looks at his laptop where he was recording information. He looks up and says..."Ok so here is you papers about what type of guy to look for." He hands me the papers. "If there is a error or problem let me know ok?" "ok I will." I just look down at the paper reviewing it. I look at him and he is already packing up his stuff in his bag. "You know you don't have to leave so fast" I said under my breath. He looked up at me. "What am I gonna do?" he asked. "I have to tell you something..." "Do you like magic?" I asked. "Yes..." he says confused. "I can do intense magic if you want to see?"  "Yeah!" he says like a 10 year old. I put my hands out closed my eyes and fluttered my fingers all the sudden sparkles came out of my fingers. Still with closed eyes and sparkles coming out my fingers I crossed my arms and flew them open In the air and flashed open my eyes. Then, Millions of sparkles were falling like a light rain. He looked at my so shocked and struggled to get his words out. "How did you-" "Wait there's more" I cut him off. I spoke a spell "Areca sham alibi" I said. All the sudden I turned my crystal  blue eyes black. I looked at him to see if he noticed what I did. He didn't... " What was that? Nothing happened" "Look at my eyes" I said softly. He looked closely and...

A/N: Cliff hanger!!! If I get 2 likes ill post another chapter.





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