Why me?

Aphrodite has a secret that she cant tell anyone! The only one who knows is her mom and little brother Britton. It has always been hard to trust people because of her secret. When she gets a matchmaker will it work or will it lead her down a whole new path?


5. Not Quite A Lie

Aphrodite's POV:

He simply saw not only the color of my eyes but my drees changed from that red dress to a ankle long black gown also replacing my necklace with a red gem to a black one. He just sat and stared witch wasn't a surprise at all. "I... How...?" He stuttered "Well you know that. All magic is just an illusion right?" I lied. "Well ya" he said a little moreunderstanding. "So anyway I have to go or I'll be late." He said. "Ok," "good luck with finding a guy" he said with little emotion. "Thanks" I chirped. "Bye" he said. I responded with giving him a kiss on the cheek. He glared at me and I said sorry sort-of scared. He left in silence and I went through the paper work 2 more times. He said if I wanted Someone like me then I needed a calm and normal person. Even though I seemed like that on the outside, that was NOT the inside. He also said if I wanted to be experimental then I should go with Someone hard to get and tough and mysterious. I decided I would go for that one, I always like things to be different. I went back in the theater room to clean up the drinks we left. I walked in and saw a price of paper on the chair Harry sat in. It had a phone # on it, I didn't know why he would give me that when I already had his work phone. I guessed that this was maybe his cell phone. I decided to leave it alone. 1hr later. I picked up the dishes put them away and grabbed my phone and calls the # I could not wait to ask him.

"Hello?" His voice sounded sleepy.

"Uh-hi" I said forgetting he didn't know who I was.

"And you are...?" He asked making his voice clearer.

"Oh- sorry I forgot you don't have my #... It's Aphrodite" I said calmly

"Oh,hey babe what cha need?" He paused.

"Wait-how the hell did u get my #? "

"Uh..." I said scared.

Dear lord... HOW THE HELL DID YOU GET IT?!" He raised his voice almost yelling.

"I found the paper, in your chair, when I was cleaning." I said in a shaky tone.

I heard silence I just hung up, worried about what he was gonna say. I was shaking So I took a shower to get off my worry. I turned on the hot water, not too hot. I let it pour down and I got in and washed my hair, face and body. Then I got out and dressed in grey sweatpants and a sweatshirt that was skittle bit too big. I sat down and watched tv.

1hr later: 9:00

Harry rang me on the phone and said "hey beautiful!" "Uh... Hi" I said nervous. "Listen I uh-I want to tell you something" the line went dead and Harry appeared from the corner and took me to..."

A/N left you at a cliff hanger I'll update at 5 likes.!!! Sorry it took so long my computer an phone were broken GET ME TO 5 LIKES SO I CAN FINALLY WRITE!!! .

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