Why me?

Aphrodite has a secret that she cant tell anyone! The only one who knows is her mom and little brother Britton. It has always been hard to trust people because of her secret. When she gets a matchmaker will it work or will it lead her down a whole new path?


1. Meeting Aphrodite

   ~~Aphrodite's P.O.V.

       I lie in my bed that just shows how mad I was the night before because of my bed style I had chose. 

I lie still, trying to relax and calm down without thinking about the night before. I somehow could not keep the memories from coming though.


"I DONT KNOW!" I shouted to my now ex-boyfriend.

"Why don't you know-he shouted behind me-you should know why you cant tell me but your family can know... I thought you trusted me!"

"Baby I-" "Just save it!" He interrupted me.

-End of flashback-

The memory repeated in my head about 3 times before I finally had the nerve to get up and get dressed, eat and start my day. I have this secret and I cant tell anyone but as you might have already guessed...im Aphrodite, the goddess of love. I have man y powers that you will see throughout the story. I would not have enough time to go through the whole list, it would be too long. anyways the only ones who know are my mom and brother. (Nira and Britton)

I changed my outfit in a flash (literally its part of her magic) from my night gown to my day outfit. {shown below} 

I put my extremely long hair in my face just to see how I liked it and it turned out AWSOME!!! (see below) 






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