Why me?

Aphrodite has a secret that she cant tell anyone! The only one who knows is her mom and little brother Britton. It has always been hard to trust people because of her secret. When she gets a matchmaker will it work or will it lead her down a whole new path?


2. Matchmaker

Aphrodite POV

  So remember how I told you that I cant ever keep a guy? Well I never told you what happens, if I don't use my powers for a certain amount of time they do something. You are probably thinking...GO ON... but guess what I have no clue!!! It does anything it wants-only 1 thing- but I never know what it is going to do. I know when its going to happen because it starts buzzing in my ear. I was on my way down stairs to eat breakfast. I knew already that we were having bacon because I could smell it from upstairs. I came and said good morning to my mom and she said to me that when we were done eating she wanted to talk to me with a serious look on her face. For the record I didn't know what was coming.

-After Breakfast- 

My mom and I cleaned up dishes while my brother went to play in his room.

"So what you need to talk about? I said in a serious but soft voice.

"Well I hired you a-"  

"Oh my gosh!" "You hired me someone!!!"

"Yes, I hired you a matchmaker!"

My mouth dropped open and I was so shocked. I didn't know if I was happy or mad, I was confused. I didn't know if that would help but I did know that I was having mixed feelings. "So who is it?" I asked my mom now realizing I was just staring into the space thinking looking awkward. She looked at me and smiled and said "You will see"

Damn it mom, you really have to make me do this, you have to make me wait? I thought, frustrated. "When does he have work?" I said.

"Everyday" she said and I gasped to myself in amazement. I was so excited I asked if he could come over.

"I don't see why not" said my mother happily.

I quickly grabbed my phone and dialed his number into my phone that my mom gave me earlier. It rang twice before he answered... "Hello?" he said with confusion. His voice was... soft but yet husky. It was beautiful! "Uh- Y-yes hello"

"Hi who is this?" he said. "OH yes um this is Aphrodite my mom hired you to be my matchmaker and I was wondering if we could schedule an appointment?"  "Ahhhhhh" he said " Miss Aphrodite nice to meet you and yes we can, what time do you want me to come?" I thought for a minute as I checked the clock... it was 10:30. "Um what time is good for you?" I asked. I could hear him hold back a soft giggle it was so cute! "uh-well how about noon?" "YES noon is good see you then"  I hung up.   I had to think of the perfect outfit. Dress to impress, right? Me being a goddess I didn't have many "normal" looking cloths because of my rare interaction with people. I wanted to really pop! I know its weird but after all I AM the goddess of love! I decided I would make my outfit. I finally decided on a tight short red dress. (first picture) My mom and brother went out to gibe me my space to get to know each other.

11:55- I was just putting my makeup on, sheer reddish purple lipstick, Smokey eye, and mascara. I heard the doorbell ring. I straighten my dress and go to open the door. I swing it open and there he stood in his black button up a few un-done and dark jeans. I have to admit he looked pretty sexy. Oh, and his hair tons of curly lox just pilled on the head of his. It was nice, I was going to enjoy this.



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