Why me?

Aphrodite has a secret that she cant tell anyone! The only one who knows is her mom and little brother Britton. It has always been hard to trust people because of her secret. When she gets a matchmaker will it work or will it lead her down a whole new path?


8. At The Park

I woke up in my bed. I had no nightmares after I did my cure. I had a peaceful sleep actually. I decided I would go for a run. I told my mom and I put on a black tank and black shorts. I put it on normally instead of using power to save energy. I walked to the park that to other people was just a park but to me it was special. It's where I first found out about my powers there, I was 3 years old. My dad told me, he died 4 years later.

I waked down there to the park, sat in the swing and a few tears escaped as I thought of my father. I heard footsteps of SOMONE running then they slowed and started walking towards me. I did not look up because I assumed it was some other person going by the park, someone I didn't know. I was wrong, unfortunately.

"Aphrodite?" A soft but raspy voice said. I didn't recognize it and I spoke with my head still kept down. "What." I said more as a statement then a question. "Are you- are you crying?" I looked up hair in my face so I could only see through the crack if where my hair was parted ever so slightly. I was pretty sure even though I could see him, he couldn't see me. "M-mr. Sty- styles" I spoke softly, shocked. "What's wrong babe?"

Harry's POV:

"What's wrong babe?" I spoke in a hushed tone. It Pained me to see her siting there crying, head in hand. "N-nothing" she stuffers and swiftly moved her hair out of her face so I could see her clearly and I knew for sure that it was her. She had cheeks so red and eyes where still watery but she stopped crying, for now. "Common, gees'" I mumbled. "My- my father showed me magic here, the illusions" she paused. " he showed me who I am, what I am." "Why is that sad?" "He um.." "He got shot 4 years after He told me...on this exact day." I sigh trying not to cry too hard and too calm down.

Aphrodite POV: I really didn't want to tell him but I think I trusted him about what this place means to me. I chocked out the words one at a time. "I um, uh, have to get going and start my run. " I spoke while trying not to cry and trying to change the subject because when I think about it too much I go in shock. "Ok" he says blankly. "Hey I was going to ask you, I told my friend Zayn about your magic and he wanted me to ask if you know any more." "What are you- OH YA I know tons I have been practicing since I was 4." I half lied. "Great can we come by your place today at 1:00? " "sure... I don't have anything going on" I said. My mom and brother are out staying with my aunt Jenn.i didn't go so I could look after the house and we don't get along very well. It was 11:00 now so I had 2 hours. "See you in 2 hours!" He said breaking me from my thoughts. "Yep , later" I said and ran off for my run.

12:20 pm

I checked the time and I only planned to take a 1 hr run but them I got caught up in the nature. So that leaves 40 min for cloths and to get ready. I went and took a shower and flashed on a dress that went to my mid thigh. Might as we'll look nice and sexy for new people. I had the whole act planned. My dress was all black had a. Open back and was so tight and just to add something I made my hair go all the way down to my feet. Ok so I put on cat eyes for liner and mascara and a gol sparkly eyeshadow, finally I put on a red and deep purple lipstick that has lots of color definition. I dyed my blonde hair black and put un black metal leaf shaped earrings with a matching necklace. 12:58 DONE and just on time. I will put on my "Show" in one of my living rooms that has a deep blue shade with In the corner a cherry blossom tree on the wall and it had brown couches and a huge tv and a stage where I do singing performances.


"Ding" doorbell! They are here! I went and opened the door and Harry stood there In a. Black button up with 3 undone buttons and black pants. Next to harry was another boy with black hair perfected in a quiff. He was wearing dark jeans that hung lower them usual, but not so low that you can see his under garments and a black button up with 2 undone. He had tattoos all over his arms and a few could be seen on his chest. I have to admit they were both no bad looking.

"Um, hello you must be Zayn?" I asked. "That's me" he said and brought his hand out. I shook it gently but he had a different kind of approach he squeezed tight and I think if he squeezed just a little harder my hand would fall off. "Nice to meet you" I said as I let go. "Hey love" Harry said to me. "Hi Harry" I said thinking back at the park. "Look Harry I'm sorry for..." He brought me into a hug and said "it's ok dear I understand" "thx" I finally let go of Harry even though I didn't want to. He smelled so nice. "Shall we?" I said as I led them to the room I set up. "Love, you gave me a tour and I don't recall seeing this room." "AHHH good eye Harry. That's the first part of the show." I got up on the stage as they sat in the chairs and I began my magic.

To be continued...


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