The 47th Hunger Games

I rated This as Yellow but if your younger and can handle violence, you can read! Hope you enjoy!


1. The Reaping

I woke up to the sound of my 11 year old brother screaming. It was Friday, and the morning of the reaping.

"Jonah," I walked silently over to his bed and sat down next to him. "Nightmare?"

He silently nodded and managed a watery smile. You could tell he had been crying in his sleep.

"It'll be okay, Jonah." I said softly.

"How do you do it every year, Emmalyn? How?" Jonah asked.

"Dunno," I wipe away his tears and told him it will be alright. "Your names only in there once, there's no way they'll pick it." This is a lie. There was an 11 year old last year from district 4 that only had her name in once. But, since 4 is a career district, an 18 year old volunteered for her. Lucky. District 11 (My district) doesn't have any careers. So, your name get picked, good luck dying.

"What if they do, Emmalyn?" Jonah asked. He had started crying again.

"They won't," Why do I keep lying to him? I wiped away his tears and offered a smile. "Just go back to sleep, Jonah."

He took hold of my hand. "Stay here until I fall asleep, will you?"

"Of course." He put his head on his pillow and simply looked at me for a moment. Then he shut his eyes. "Goodnight." I whispered. With the calm sound of his heartbeat, and his quiet snores, I knew he was asleep. But I didn't want to let go of his hand. I just lay down next to him and the tears start to come. But I just simply let me cry myself to sleep.

~Author's Note~

•So, this is my first chapter, and I wanted to know if you like it! It's my first story, so please don't hate! I also write story's that are not fanfiction, but I'm a HUGE fangirl! Mostly Harry potter, and if you don't mind, please follow @potterheads_17_15_ me and my friend run it! (On Instagram) please review!

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