I was born in space. I've never felt the sun on my face. Or breathed real air. Or floated in the water. None of us have. For three generations, the Ark has kept what's left of the human race alive. It's been 97 years since a nuclear apocalypse killed everyone on Earth, leaving the planet simmering in radiation. Fortunately, there were survivors. 12 nations had operational space stations at the time of the bombs. There is now only the Ark, one station forged from many. We're told the Earth needs another 100 years to become survivable again. Four more space-locked generations, and man can go home, back to the ground. The ground, that's the dream. This is reality.

This is the story about the lives of the people who have to live on the Ark and how there lives have changed. Every person trying there best to make life on the Ark work hoping that one day man will make it back to the ground. Only if they knew the truth. That day is fast approaching all to soon for 100 of the youths on the Ark


1. Chapter One

Clarke had always loved this holiday. It used to be called Halloween but on the Ark it was now called All Hallows Eve. Clarke was not exactly shore how it used to be celebrated on Earth but she had heard stories of grand and elaborate costumes that used to be worn.

            She always assumed that’s why they wore masks to the party. To try to keep the tradition alive. She could not help but wonder how the tradition started. Why did they were costumes on Earth. No one ever talked about things like this. They were expected to evolve the Earth traditions but at the same time leave the past on the ground. Clarke always assumed it was just too much of a painful reminder of the nuclear apocalypse that left the Earth an unlivable barren wasteland.

            On the Ark All Hallows Eve was celebrated by all of the family’s mostly of the Phoenix class baking sweets with the extra rations for the night. The lower classes usually chose to keep the rations for themselves. This was frond upon but allowed. Once all the sweets where complete the family’s would bring them to the recreation hall. They would set up stations and one member of the family would stay behind and give out one treat to every child.

            Masks where prepared by every member of the ark. Ones that covered your hole face. Each mask different. All hand made. One would randomly be handed to everyone under 18. They were required to wear it. They were handed out randomly so no one was able to be recognized by the mask they had made.

            Clarke always loved this holiday for a few reasons.

            First she loved being able to hand out food to all the little kids. Giving them all a little something special. Most of the kids on the Ark did not have enough food so this was really something special. It was the only time she could give away her extra rations without having to worry about getting arrested.

            That did not stop her. She often gave the younger kids her rations. She believed they needed it more.

            Second she loved that it was one of the only times where the different classes were allowed to mingle.

            Class mixing was not illegal but very, very frond upon.  Most of the Phoenix kids married other Phoenix kids. This kept everyone in their place where they were needed.

            If a Phoenix fell in love with someone of a lower class there where two options. The lower class would have to prove they could live up to Phoenix standards. There was only one way to do this. Only one way to get out of whatever class you were born into. Join the guard.

            They would have to join the guard and work their way up the ranks until they were important enough to matter to the Phoenix. This almost never happened because it is rare and would take years to reach a high enough rank guard job. By then the Phoenix had almost always moved on to some one more appropriate.

            The second option was even rarer. If joining the guard did not work out and they still wanted to be together the Phoenix would have to abandon. Abandon everything. Their family, rank, job, and go live in whatever class their loved one was born into. This only happened twice to Clark’s knowledge.

            The third reason Clarke loved this holiday was the masks. It would be the only night of the year that she was not Clarke. The Princess of the Ark. No she would be just a normal fifteen year old girl.

            Or at least she would be if her parents ever let her participated. She was always stuck leaving with them after they passed out the sweets.

Her parents never let her leave there site. They had their reasons. Clark new that but it did not suck any less.

            Being a Phoenix was enough to have most of the Ark hate you.

            Being best friends with the Chancellor and his son Wells made you plenty of enemies. People who if they were not scared your close family friend the Chancellor would float them would probably kill you. Kill you just because of who you are.

            This is what bothered Clarke the most. Clarke was a kind, caring person. She loved the ones close to here dearly. She wants nothing more than to make everyone’s life on the Ark better.

            She is even learning to be a doctor like her mom. Even though secretly she wanted to be an artist.

            The only problem was there was no need for artists on the Ark. Doctors on the other hand where always in demand. Becoming the next Chief of the Medical Department like her mom this would lock in her position in the Phoenix class long after her parents are gone. Her mom Abby is actually the second most important person on the Ark. Second only to Chancellor Jaha himself.

            Her mother was important and Clarke was more like her than she would like to admit. But she was always closer to her father. This is why she approached her father as her mother was preparing her mask for All Hallows Eve.

“Daddy.” She said softly trying to get his attention without alerting her mom’s hulk like ears.

            “Yes Clarke.” He said to her. He was obviously suspicions of her tone.

            “Can I talk to you?” She asked from her room.

            “Yes dear” he said following her into her small room.

            “What do you want Clarke?” He asked knowing his daughter to well.

            “I want to go to the party this year. I’m 15 now. In a few months I’ll be 16 and my life will change. This may be the last time I have a chance to just go to this and have fun.” She told him.

            “Clarke you know the reason we can’t let you go.”

            “I do. I get it but I’ll be wearing a mask. No one will know it’s me. It’s the only time I can go out and just be me. Please dad.” She begged.

            “Your mom’s not going to agree.” He told her softly.

            The truth is he felt bad for his daughter. She never got to have any friends or fun. Besides Wells the only other time she had contact with people her own age was when she worked in the infirmary.

            “If you take my side she will be out numbered.” She told him with a devilish little grin on her face.

            “Okay, I’ll talk to her but no promises.”

            Before he was able to leave the room Clarke wrapped her arms around him and pulled him into a big hug.

            “Thank you dad.” She whispered before letting him go.

            She watched him as he walked out of her room. Once the door was closed behind him she quickly started going through her clothes. She pulled out a pair of light blue jeans and a white tang top. She did not have many clothes. No one did but she had more than most.

            She placed the clothes down on her bed and looked them over. They were nothing special but that was the point. She wanted to blend in not scream hey I’m Clarke, Clarke Griffin over here.

            A few minutes later her mother entered her room. From the expression on her face Clarke could tell her father talked to her and she was not happy about it.

            “I cannot believe you went behind my back and turned your father on me.” Abby told her daughter frustrated.

            Abby knew she was being over dramatic but it always bothered her how close Clarke was to her dad. The two of them always ganged up on her. She just wished the two of them could understand she was just trying to keep Clarke safe.

            “Mom I did not turn him on you. He just agrees with me. It may be my last chance to go. No one will know it’s me. I won’t even tell Wells. Promise.” She pleaded with her mom.

            Clarke desperately wished her mom would understand that she wanted to be a normal teen ager. Just for one night.

All Clarke ever dud was study and work in the infirmary. Her only free time is always spent with Wells at his place. It was the only tie she could get away from her mom’s watchful eyes. Even though Wells was her best friend she wished she had more than just one friend.

            “Stop winning Clarke your father made it very clear that you’re going.” Abby told Clarke.

            “Really I can go?” Clarke asked in disbelief.

            She instantly filled with excitement.

            “I have some rules you will fallow.” Abby told Clarke sternly.

            Clarke was so excited that she really did not care. Her mom could give her all the rules in the world and it would not bring down Clarkes mood.

            “Yeah, fine. What are they?” Clarke asked.

            “First rule you will come and hand out the sweets with us like you do every year. Understood?” Abby asked Clarke.

            “Understood.” Clarke answered.

            “Second you will leave the party with us like you do every year. Grab a mask on your way out. Once back home you will change and then go back.” Abby told Clarke.

            “Kay.” Clarke quickly answered.

            “Third you will not take your mask of or tell anyone your name. No one.”

            “Yep.” Clarke quickly answered.

            “Fourth stay out of trouble. Come home rite after. No trying to sneak out to a illegal after parties.”

            “Mom I know.” Clarke said cutting her mom off mid-sentence.

            “Okay.” Abby said looking behind Clarke and to her bed.

            “Put something nicer on to pass out the sweets.” She told Clarke as she pointed to the clothes on her bed.

            “Yes mom.” Clarke answered as she pushed her mom out of the room so she could get ready.

            She did not have many clothes so she knew exactly what her mom wanted her to wear. She pulled a red dress that hugged her curves perfectly. She pulled the dress down over her and gently rubbed out all the wrinkles. Once she was done the dress rested just above her knees.

            She looked down and adjusted her scoop neckline so it was showing of her plump c cup breasts without showing any of her bra.

            She grabbed her hair brush and quickly pulled her blonde hair back into a high tights bun.

            She slipped into her only pare of heels. They were black and went with everything.

            She absolutely hated dressing like this but it was what was expected of her.

            When Clarke was all done getting ready she walked out to meet her parents. They were both dressed like her. Her mom was almost in the exact same dress just in a deep purple. He father was in dark dress pants and a blue button up shirt.

            “Clarke you look beautiful.” Abby told her daughter with a genius smile on her face.

            “I think she looked better before.” Her father said obviously not approving of her attire.

            “Thanks dad.” Clarke said. Her words dripping with sarcasm.

            “Let’s get going.” Abby says as she shoved four containers of sweets into her husband’s hands.

            The three of them made their way down hall after hall. They stuck out in there nice clothes. Clarke could feel everyone’s disapproving eyes on her. She truthfully wished she could just disappear. Wished that no one knew who she was.

            Unfortunately that was not her reality. She was a privileged, and family friends with the Chancellor and his family so everyone knew who she was. Weather they liked her or hated her everyone knew her. Well knew of her but no one actually knew her.

            They were getting closer to the celebration. The crowed was getting bigger and the sound of children’s laughter was getting louder. Clarke’s mood instantly vanished when she saw the happy smiles of kids running around.

            They were all happy to have a night out past curfew.

            Clarke stayed close to her parents as they made their way into the recreation hall. She greeted everyone her parents did. When they finally made their way over to their booth Clarke left her parents to set up. She went over to the next booth to say hi to Wells and his father.

            “Hey Wells.” Clarke called out when she reached his booth.

            Wells who was too busy helping his father set up did not see her approach.

            “Hi Clarke” Wells responded before looking up.

            He did not need to look up to know it was Clarke. He would recognize his best friends voice anywhere.

            When he finally finished what he was doing and looked up he was shocked.

            He had known Clarke his whole life but he must have missed the part where she grew up. The girl standing in front of him was not his best friend but a very attractive young lady.

            Her dress fit her womanly curves like it was a second skin. Curves that Wells never even knew she had. She must have hidden them under all of the baggy shirts and jeans she always had on.

            The dress neckline hung low enough to show off cleavage. Wells could not help but wonder when Clarke had developed such large breast. They were not there this time last year.

            Her golden blonde hair was pulled back showing of her face and long neck.

            Wells felt himself staring but was not able to stop. This was not the some girl, this was Clarke but still he could not look away.

            “Is something wrong?” Clarke asked finally breaking the silence between the two of them.

            Wells felt his chocolate colored cheeks boil over with embarrassment.

            “Nothing. You look great.” He told her.

            “Thank you. You don’t look to bad yourself.” Clarke responded.

            Wells felt his chest  tighten slightly when Clarke gave him the same superficial complement she always gives him when he complements her.

            “Hello Clarke.” A voice said from behind Wells.

            Clarke looked over to see Wells father,

            “Good evening Chancellor.” Clarke responded formally.

            “My don’t you look lovely tonight.” He told her.

            “Thank you, my mom picked it out.” She told him truthfully.

            “She did a good job you look lovely.” He said before going back to making shore everything was set up.

            “So is your mom letting you go this year?” Wells asked about the party.

            “No.” Clarke lied.

            “You?” Clarke asked.

            “What do you think?” Wells responded angrily.

            “Sorry.” Clarke said. “But I need to get back. See you later.” She said as she ran over to her booth.

            It was almost 6pm and the sweet handouts were about to start.

            Sweet handouts were from 6 to 7 pm. There was a 30 minute break for cleanup. Then the party started at 7:30pm and went on until 12am.

            “Clarke cane you check the scanner to make shore it is working?” Abby asked.

            Everyone who got sweets will be scanned to make shore they only get one from each booth.

            Clarke did not answer she just grabbed the scanner and scanned her wrist.

            Her name, information, and picture all pulled up on the screen.

            “All set.” She called back.

            It was time and Clarke was so excited to hand out the sweets. Almost as excited about going to the party after. 

Clarke in her dress.

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