Torn between two, I finally got what I wanted..... The hard way.

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5. Chapter 5

Chapter 5


    My mom called the school, and told them about what might happen in the next week, and people keep asking me to say. Specifically the guys, but I’m not saying names [Cough Cough, Cliff, Cough Cough] but whatever. What they do is what’s making me want to either leave, or stay. I’m so confused on what I want to do. I don’t want to leave my friends, but I also don’t want to make them think that they’re the main reason why I want to leave. So if I leave, people are going to be mad at me, AND themselves. I told the school that I was sick today, so I have the day to sleep. Our dorm advisor said that he would be checking in on me every once in a while, just to make sure I was okay. I heard a knock on the door, and I just assumed that it was Ken.

    “Come in.” I said quietly, making it sound like I’m sick.

    “Brogan, I know you’re not sick.” A familiar voice said.

    “Cliff?” I asked, just to make sure.

    “No, It’s Santa Claus. Who do you think it is?” He asked me.

    “I don’t know. My best guess would’ve been just about as good as yours.” I told Cliff.

    “Well, someone’s in a mood lately. What’s up?” He asked me. I didn’t really want to tell him, but he would eventually find out sooner or later.

    “I’m leaving Styler Academy in a couple days, so I have been ignoring everybody.” I explained, and everything that went along with it. He looked shocked when I was done, but more so sad. I felt bad for him. He likes me, and I’m leaving him.

    “Why, though. I mean, why don’t you stay here? We can help you get through this.” He said. See what I mean?

    “I’m not sure. The teachers know and everything, so they’re preparing for me to leave. I’m not sure if they would be happy, or sad if I stayed here. Some people don’t even like me, considering that I’m a Freshmen, and I’ve dated the most popular SENIORS. If I’m here any longer, I’m going to turn into a serial killer, and the first person on my list is Caleb. He has gotten on my nerves lately. He thinks that me leaving is ALL his fault. No, It’s because I can’t stand it here anymore. This is the furthest school that has been away from home, and it’s killing me inside. I had to leave my friends, family, my work, and my dog. I’m leaving, and that’s that.” I said. Wow, it feels good to rant. I saw a tear drip down the side of his face, and that broke my heart. I’ve only see a couple of guys cry here, and I never expected Cliff to cry.

    “It’s not your fault, Cliff. Don’t worry about that. I know me leaving isn’t going to be easy, but you’ll make it throu-” He cut me off, and It scared me a little.

    “No, you don’t understand. I’ve liked you since the first day you got here, and you’ve never noticed!” He yelled. To be honest, yeah, I did notice. I just didn’t want to date him because I would more than likely end up hurting him. He doesn’t need that, he’s too nice.

    “I knew you liked me, for a long time, actually. I just didn’t want to date you, because I know I would end up hurting you somehow. You don’t need that. We’re really good friends, and I wanted it to stay that way. You’re one of the only people I was going to stay in touch with when I left. You treat me like my brother does. You’re overprotective, and you care about me. I thought of you as more of a brother, not a boyfriend. I really hope you understand that. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I really didn’t.” I said. I was crying a little bit, and so was he. He wiped the tears off my face with his thumb, and I did the same to him.

    “You okay?” I asked him.

    “Yeah, I guess I over reacted. I should have known that you were never going to like me. You’re too good for me.” Cliff said.

    “The thing is, you’re too good for me, and that’s another reason why I didn’t date you. You’re able to date any girl in this school, and you wanted to pick me. I don’t understand that. Why?” I asked him. I hope he gives me a solid answer.

    “I picked you, because I thought you would like me for me, not my popularity. I picked you, because you’re beautiful and smart. The girls here are opposite of that, and you know it. You can stand up for yourself, and you don’t take crap from other people. I thought you were too good for me, because you dated the most popular guys in the school. When I flirted with you, though, you didn’t seem to notice. But I tried anyways. I really like you, and I wanted to get to know you better. That’s why I freaked out when you said you were leaving. I don’t want you to.” He explained to me. I felt  bad, so I grabbed my phone. I was calling my mom.

    Me- Mom, I’m staying.

    Mom- I knew you would.

    Me- How? You’re not even here.

    Mom- I have my reasons. I’ll call the school and let them know. Love you, bye.

    Me- Bye.

    I hung up the phone, and looked at Cliff.

    “It’s official, I’m staying.” I said. He smiled and hugged me.

    “We need to tell the others. They’ll be so excited.” Cliff said.

    “First, I have to go to the office and tell them that I want to switch rooms. I’m moving into my own dorm so I’m not stressed all the time.” I told him. He nodded, and walked out of the room. I got up, got dressed, and ate some cereal. Once I was done with everything, I got up and walked to the admin office. The lady at the reception desk noticed me. That’s the one I talked to about being sick. Oops. Gotta think of a good excuse.

    “Miss Brogan, are you feeling any better?” She asked me. I tried my best to make it sound like I had a scratchy throat, and I guess it worked.

    “I’m fine. Just losing my voice a little. I was wondering if I could switch to a different dorm room? I don’t get along with my roommate, and he doesn’t get along with me. I didn’t even get the chance to pick my roommate. I wanted to be with a girl because we have common interests. But I want one to myself. I’m so stressed out from all of the people coming in and out of the room. If you didn’t know Caleb, you would think he’s drug trafficking. That’s how many people come in and out of our room on a daily basis. Do you think that you could make it work?” I asked her. Now my voice really is getting scratchy, just by talking like this. I realised that I had a headache, too. I just blew it off, and tried to ignore it, but it was too much to handle.

    “Are you okay, Miss?” The lady asked me.

    “Do you have any Tylenol? I have a killer headache.” I asked her.

    “Yes, here.” She said while handing me a packet. I took the medicine out and swallowed them with a drink of water.

    “About that room you wanted. I have one, but it’s in the Senior Boys dorm area, if you’re fine with that.” She said. Jeez, they really don’t care what room you're in.

    “That’s fine. Do you think I could get all of my stuff in there by the next couple of hours?” I asked her. I want to get out of that room as soon as possible. I didn’t want to be there when Caleb gets back. He has football practice, so I have only a little bit of time.

    “Yes, we can get some of the boys from down there grab your things. I will call them out of class, and they will be at your room in about thirty minutes. I recommend that you put your clothes in a suitcase so it’s easier to carry them.” She told me.

    “Okay, thank you so much. I’ll see you later, bye!” I yelled. I regretted that as soon as I did it. My headache got worse, and I felt dizzy. I wonder if I actually am sick. I just blew it off, and went to my room.

    I was all done packing, when I heard a knock at my door. I opened it, and nine guys came into my room and started grabbing my things. They didn’t even tell me who they were. Well then.

    “What room are you in?” The blonde headed boy asked me. I honestly don’t know, so I looked at my key.

    “Room 432.” I told him. His eyes got wide.

    “Do you know who’s in that room right now?” I asked.

    “That’s Kellin Quinn. He couldn’t take being in the hallway down here, so he moved by us. Have fun, and good luck trying to talk to him. He’s a quiet one.” He told me. I’ve already talked to him, so it’s not a big deal. I just nodded my head and followed them to where they’re taking my stuff.

    When we got there, I unlocked the door. Kellin was sitting on his bed reading. I guess he didn’t know that I was coming.

    “Well, I’m home.” I said. He finally looked at me, more shocked than I was when they told me what room I was in.

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