Torn between two, I finally got what I wanted..... The hard way.

You have to read to find out!


4. Chapter 4

Chapter 4


    “Brogan, truth or dare?” Morgan asked me.

    “Um, DARE!” I yelled. Everybody laughed.

    “I dare you to make out with Stephen for five minutes.” She said. I didn’t want to, but we were playing truth or dare the dirty version. If you chickened out, you had to take off a piece of clothing.

    “Okay, easy one.” I said. I walked over to where Stephen was sitting, and I sat in his lap. He looked surprised, like he wasn’t paying attention. I don’t even think he was playing.

    “Ready for the ride of your life? I’m a pretty good kisser, that is if you’ve asked Caleb.” I whispered in his ear. I put my arms around his neck, and pulled him into the kiss. It took him a second to realise what he was dragged into. He was now kissing back, and I have to admit, he was a really good kisser. I didn’t feel anything, though. Five minutes later, I pulled away. We were both panting, staring into each other’s eyes.

    “Wow.” We both said at the same time. I got up and walked back to my spot.

    “Roger, truth or dare?” I asked him.

    “Dare.” He simply said. Dang, he’s going to have fun with this one.

    “Go and get Kellin, bring him in here, and make him play. If he doesn’t come, you’re going to have to take all of your clothes off, and run around the halls.” I said. He looked kind of scared.

    “You have ten minutes. Go.” I said. He ran out of the room, and we all laughed. We couldn’t do anything until he came back, so we started to talk.

    “So, Brogan, who do you like?” The Bentley asked. Dang, I hate this topic.

    “I don’t know.” I said honestly.

    “LIAR!” Roger yelled while running through the door.

    “No, really. I don’t know who I like.” I told them. And when I said that, Bentley started laughing.

    “Dude! You don’t even know what we’re talking about. Did you get him?” Bentley asked.

    “Yeah, he’s walking down the hallway. He’s a really slow walker.” Roger said.

    “Why am I here?” Kellin asked while walking through the door.

    “Because, I told him to go and get you. We’re playing truth or dare dirty version, and I wanted you to come.” I simply explained.

    “Oh, okay. Who are these people?” He asked.

    “That’s Kat, Morgan, Ryan, Roger the one that got you, Stephen, Steven, Bentley, and Broady.” I said. Honestly, Broady has been so quiet, I forgot he was even in here.

    “Okay, how do you play dirty version?” He asked.

    “If you chicken out, you have to take off a piece of clothing. Socks do not count, either.” I told him.

    “Cool, who’s starting?” He asked.

    “Well, since Roger just got dared, he gets to pick.”
    “Um, Kellin. Truth or dare?” Roger asked.

    “Dare.” He said flatly.

    “I dare you to make out with Morgan.” He said. Why can’t Morgan be me right now? I guess that Kellin noticed that I was sad.

    “Chicken.” He said and took off his shirt. He had abs. Nice, nice abs.

    “Brogan, truth or dare?” Kellin asked me.

    “Dare.” I told him.

    “I dare you to kiss me.” He said. Everybody went silent. We both stood up, and he cupped my face with his hands. We were looking into each others eyes, and I was slowly moving in. Why do I have to get butterflies at the wrong times? Before I knew it, our lips collided, and we were kissing. He made me feel like I was the only girl in the world. We broke apart and everybody clapped, well, except for Ryan. He was just silent ever since Kellin got here. What’s wrong with him.

    “Hey, can I talk to you Ryan? Alone?” I asked him. He got up, and we walked into the bathroom. I locked the door behind so nobody could come in while we were talking.

    “Are you okay? It’s just truth or dare.” I told him.

    “Really? Because it looked like you two meant it!” He yelled.

    “I’m sorry.” Was all I could say.

    “Obviously not sorry enough! You hurt me. Badly. I’m calling off the date for tomorrow. You obviously don’t care about me enough to just go off kissing other guys!” He yelled. I started to cry. I cried really hard, until I started to cough.

    “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you cry. I was just angry. Please don’t cry. I’m going to end up crying of you don’t stop.” He told me. I was still crying. I don’t want to leave him, but I also don’t want to leave Kellin. I got up, unlocked the door, and ran out of the room. I was still crying, so I couldn’t really see. I could see enough to get to my room, though. When I opened the door, I heard noise, but I didn’t care. I ran to my bed, laid down on my stomach and cried. The music and noise died down, and I heard Caleb's voice.

    “What’s wrong?” He asked. I felt the bed sink in beside me, and he started to rub my back. Nobody has done that except for my mom when I was sick. Just the thought of my mom, dad, and brother made me cry harder.

    “Hey guys, can you leave? I want to talk to her alone.” Caleb asked everyone to leave for me.

    “Yeah bro, but tell us when you’re done. We still want to hang out.” That was Cliff’s voice.

    “Okay, but get out.” He said. They all left, and I heard the door shut behind the last one. I was still crying, but now he was holding me like a baby. I put my arms around his neck and cried into his shoulder.

    “Hey, shhh, It’s okay. You’re going to be fine.” He cooed into my ear. I calmed down a little. I felt like a little kid again. Like when my brother holding me in his arms when I had a bad dream.

    “I can’t be here anymore. I’m going to go insane.” I whispered into his shoulder.

    “You’re going to be fine, and I will make sure of it.” He assured me.

    “No, I’m calling my brother to book me a flight. I’m getting out of here as soon as I can.” I told him, and with that, I grabbed my phone and called my brother.

    Me: Can you get me out of here?

    Dakota: You know I can’t. Why? What’s going on?

    Me: Please?

    Dakota: I’ll ask mom, but I’m sure she’s going to ask for a valid reason.

    Me: It’s because I’m under too much pressure, and everybody is stressing me out. I’m about to go psycho rager and kill everybody. Is that what you wanted?

    Dakota: I’ll ask mom, hold on.

    While I was waiting for him to talk to mom, Caleb was listening to the whole thing. I felt kind of bad for him. He’s done so much for me, and all of it is going to be for nothing.

    Me: What did she say?

    Dakota: She said give it one more week, and if you want to leave, you can.

    Me: Really? She’s actually letting me leave if I want to?

    Dakota: She said she’s giving you EXACTLY one week to tell her whether or not you’re leaving.

    Me: I understood the first time. Should I start to pack?

    Dakota: That’s all on you, little sis. Hey, I have to go. I’ll call you when I get the chance. It was nice talking to you. Love you, Brogan.

    Me: Love you Dakota, bye.

    Dakota: Oh, and remember one thing. If a guy hurts you or lets you down, tell me. They’ll be getting something from your big brother over here.

    Me: Quit acting tough, we all know that you’re not. I have to go too, bye.

    Dakota: Bye.

    I hung up, and looked over at Caleb. He was glaring at me. What did I do?

    “What? You wanted me to leave anyways! It’s not like you ever cared about me! I have one week to decide whether to leave or not, and what you’re doing right now is not making my choice for staying here grow.” I said. His glare turned into sadness.

    “I’ll be back later. Just give me some time to realise what I just did.” He told me and walked out. What HE just did? I’m the one leaving, and he’s upset with himself about it? He thinks that this is all his fault, and I find that funny, not to be mean or anything. He thinks that he can just walk all over me like all the other guys, and I’m just so sick of it. I NEED to leave, otherwise the first person I kill will be him.

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