Bap imagines

B.A.P yes sir! B.A.P imagines


1. Zelo

your name is Melody


”this is where I live with the members” Zelo says while opening the door

“Nice and cozy place” you say and smile

“I think so myself but thanks” he replies and takes off his shoes


“Is that you Maknae?” you hear someone shout from the living room

You guys walk into the living room.

“This is Melody, my close friend I told you guys about” Zelo explains to them

“Okay! Nice to meet you Melody” Yongguk says while smiling

“Nice to meet you too oppa” you reply and bow

“Good mannered girl” Jongup whisper

 “I heard you” you smirk, and they all burst out in laugh

“Well we’re going to my room” Zelo says and takes your hand and goes to his room


“Wow nice room” you say and look around

“Thanks girl, just sit down and make yourself comfy” he replies and smiles at you

You nod and sit on his soft bed

“Well I’ll get some drinks, be back in 2 sec.” he says and runs downstairs.


He walks pass the living room and Daehyun calls him over “Zelo come here”

“What?” Zelo says kinda annoyed

“Do you like her?” Youngjae asks while smiling

“No!” Zelo shouts and his voice crack

“haha! We won’t judge if you like her” Jongup says

“I don’t like her that way” Zelo replies frustrating

“Don’t lie Choi Junhong” Yongguk smirk while raising an eyebrow

“Fine! I like her” Zelo admits and starts blushing

“I knew it! Just go tell her” Himchan shouts


Zelo comes back up with some water

“Hey you” he says and gives you the water

“Hi oppa” you say and drink some of the water

“oppa I kinda need the bathroom” you say kinda embarrassing

“Oh okay its downstairs” he replies with a big smile


You go downstairs and use the bathroom then Himchan pass by and he calls you over

“Melody come in the living room” he command and smiles

You walk into the living room “what?” you ask confuse

“Zelo likes you” Jongup suddenly exclaim

“Wait! What?” you ask more confuse

“He really likes you” Youngjae says and giggles

 “Zelo likes me?” you ask

“He’s in love with you” Yongguk shouts

“okay, I’m gonna go upstairs” you reply and goes upstairs


“hey again oppa” you say

“Hey, let’s watch a movie” he replies, smiling

“Okay, what are we gonna watch?” you ask and sits down beside him

“I don’t know maybe Mr.&Mrs. Smith” he suggest while playing with his pillow

“Sounds fine to me” you reply.

You watch the movie and you slowly lean you head on his shoulder

He slowly raps his arm around you and pulls you closer

“oppa?” you say and bite your lower lip

“yes?” he replies and looks at you

“I heard from some members that you like me” you tell him and close your eyes

“umm….hehe...yeah” he says and laughs awkwardly

“Well I like you too” you whisper and look in his deep brown eyes

He puts his hand around your neck and slowly you can feel his breath coming closer

Your lips touch and slowly he kisses you and pull away

“I love you” he says

“I love you too” you reply.

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