Bap imagines

B.A.P yes sir! B.A.P imagines


2. Youngjae

your name is Amanda


You and Youngjae are eating snack and having fun

“So greedy Youngjae!” you shout because he finishes the chips

“im not” he replies and laugh

“Oh not at all big guy” you smirk and laugh

Bib your phone suddenly says a sound you take it and read the message

Your smile slowly fades

“Something wrong?” Youngjae asks worrying

“No, no, not at all” you reply and smile big

“Okay” he whisper and smiles

“I’m gonna go get some paper” you say and runs downstairs


Bib, bib, bib, bib Youngjae takes your phone and read the messages

Go die bitch, I wish that you were never born, slut, ugly.

You come back in and see him reading your messages

“Youngjae oppa!” you shout and take your phone out of his hand

“Why didn’t you tell me about this?” he asks and looks at you

“It’s nothing” you shout and start tearing up

“This is cyber-bulling, don’t tell me that is nothing” Youngjae says with a loud voice

“Youngjae I don’t wanna talk about this” you whisper and fighting your tears back

“You have to talk to someone! Why not me?” he exclaim and looks in your eyes

“Because…” you can’t hold your tears and they start rolling down your cheeks

“Aish… Amanda” he whispers and pulls you into a close hug

But suddenly take your arm and look at it, you quickly take your arm back

“You cut?” he exclaims and raises an eyebrow

“Answer me” he shouts

“ye….yes… yes I cut” you whisper and cry

“Amanda why didn’t you tell me” he says

“I don’t know” you answer and look at your wrist

He slowly pulls you closer and plants his lips on yours

“Please don’t cut” Youngjae whispers and stroke your hair

“I don’t know what to do” you cry in his arm

“Don’t listen to them, you are more worth than a diamond” he says and looks in your eyes

“But I have no one, I maybe shouldn’t live” you mutter and cry some more

“Don’t you even think that! You have me! And I …” he shouts

“And what?” you ask while whipping your tears away

“I… I love you” he says and kisses you on your cheek

“Really?” you ask and look him deep in his eyes

“Of course” he says

You lean on his right arm and fall asleep and so does he.

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