Bap imagines

B.A.P yes sir! B.A.P imagines


3. Daehyun Dirty

Warning dirty!!!! read on your own "risk" don't bash on me!!!

"i'm home" Daehyun shouts from the front door

"you're late" you reply and walk over to him

"sorry Jagiya" he says and gives you a hug

"it's fine" you whisper in his ear


"what's for dinner?" Daehyun asks and looks at you

"i made some soup and bought Cheesecake" you answer and smile

"uh Cheesecake!" Daehyun whine and looks excited


after you eat dinner you goes to the bathroom and take a shower

"you're so beautiful" Daehyun suddenly exclaims

"Omo! oppa you scared me" you shout and frown

"oops" he mutter and starts taking of his clothe

"oppa? what are you doing?" you ask and look at his body, it honestly turn you on

"don't act dumb! you know it" he says and goes into the shower and kiss your neck

"oppa... s.. stop" you say

"I know you want it" He says with a sexy voice and lick your neck

You lose your balance and he holds you in his arms

"Mhhh... Seems like your body want me huh?" He whispers in your ear and start touching your thigh

"Ah... Maybe" you moan out and tuck your hand in his hair

He moves his fingers down "there" and finger you

"Ah... Daehyunnie" you moan

He moves his fingers faster and faster

" tell me... This turns you on rite?" Daehyun asks teasingly

"Ngh... Yes" you answer and tries to get your breath

He carries you out of the bathroom and into the bedroom he puts you on the soft bed and starts kissing your inner-thighs

"Oppa i want it!" you say with a husky voice 

"oh really beg for me!" he tease and blow down "there"

"please Oppa i want you inside of me please" you beg and lick your lips

he dosen't hesitate and puts it in 

"AH" you moan and squish the bed shets

he thrust inside of you faster and faster, you are trying to catch your breath 

"mmhh....ahhh Daehyunie" you moan loudly 

"ah you're so tight Jagiya" he moans into your ear 

"im coming" you shout and look at him 

"ah me too" he moan

and you both comein  the same time.





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