Trapped, Caputured, Kidnapped

This Is Ariel Young's Story.... On How This Group Of Guys Kidnapped Her.... Ariel Is What Her Name Expects, Gorgeous, Red Velvet Hair But Her Story Has A Twist... Shes Not As Innocent As She Makes Out
Steven... Dark Hair, Dark Eyes, Your Typical Dark, Handsome Stranger... He Has Kidnapped Ariel With The Help Of Sean And Brandon... But Why?

This Story Will Be Written From 2 Points Of View, So 2 Chapters Will Be The Same Idea But From Different Points Of View So Ariels POV And Stevens POV If That Makes Any Sense


1. Whats Happening? (Ariels P.O.V)

I open my eyes to find my hands tied to a cold, hard brick wall behind me. I start to hear a group of men murmuring in the distance. Many thoughts run through my mind; how did I get here? What happened? Am I okay? I stare down at my hand and see dried blood staining the lines on my palm. My head feels like its spinning and I feel so weak. Who brought me here? Who were those people murmuring?  I hear footsteps pounding in my ears as if they were coming closer. “Ah, See boys, she’s awake” The American boy commented with a sense of pride in his deeply accented voice as he flicks his brown cascade of hair out of his eyes. I stared blankly at the boy; unaware of what was going on, trying to push my long velvet red hair out of my face when I noticed that there were two other boys, both of which didn't look older than about 20 holding knifes against my weak throat as I gulped, shaking in fear. I felt the blade drag across my skin and I was struggling to breathe... I felt my eyelids fluttering close and heard a dark chuckle and a murmur of "Lights out, Sweetheart" before everything went dark... and I was lost in the silence... 



First chapter/ introduction to the story guysss, Sorry it's not long but it's purely an intro to the story... 

Thanks guys Vote & Comment 

Stevens P.O.V Up Soon 

~Gemma x

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