Trapped, Caputured, Kidnapped

This Is Ariel Young's Story.... On How This Group Of Guys Kidnapped Her.... Ariel Is What Her Name Expects, Gorgeous, Red Velvet Hair But Her Story Has A Twist... Shes Not As Innocent As She Makes Out
Steven... Dark Hair, Dark Eyes, Your Typical Dark, Handsome Stranger... He Has Kidnapped Ariel With The Help Of Sean And Brandon... But Why?

This Story Will Be Written From 2 Points Of View, So 2 Chapters Will Be The Same Idea But From Different Points Of View So Ariels POV And Stevens POV If That Makes Any Sense


2. Got The Girl In My Control (Stevens P.O.V)

(A/N| This Is Stevens POV From The First Chapter/Introduction. This Is How The Whole Story Will Be Written So...)


I roughly grabbed Ariel’s now motionless body and threw her against the floor holding her by her neck tightly while I tied her hand to the bright white wall behind her; chuckling to myself as I bent down to her ears whispering “Oh Ariel Young, When will you learn to not pick a fight when you know you have no chance of winning, sweetheart.” I smirked at her and walked off with the rest of the boys following behind laughing to themselves.  We all sat in a cold, dark room for a bit until we heard Ariel stirring so I automatically assumed she had regained consciousness. We walked over and I looked down at her very cockily as Brandon slammed the door behind him creating a cold draught which sent shivers down my spine.

“Ah, Look Boys… She’s Awake.” I stared down at her and smirked as she stared down at her blood stained palms. I chuckled as I then noticed her staring blankly at me. Her eyes jerked and shot to look either side of her and I noticed sweat began beading on her brows as she saw Brandon holding a knife tightly against her throat.  I looked at Sean and saw him smirking, egging Brandon on to slice her already scarred throat.

 I looked directly into her deep chocolate brown eyes as I chuckled under my breath whispering “Lights out, Sweetheart.”



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