Hello my name is Sarah
I am very alone, at the school and i have no friends.
There is fake everywhere and, i am always pretend that i am okay, but i am not. I am walking alone, but will it ever change? since people jugde me, spread rumours?...


4. Alone 4 End!

I can do everything when i am alone, lonely doesent mean that you are alone, but god is always whit you. Be blessed for what you have and not have, its not always everything you dont have gonna have..You know what i am mean ? So when you mind made some mistake, in your life, thats dosent mean that you forever will do the same. I mind be forgiver, but trust people and forget what happent...thats not going to happent, i will always remeber like tesha did to me. i think you mind have heard this before. "You mind think that you know me, but not my story or "You think you know my story, but not me" something like that. lets get back to the story 





I look in the window, i see some girl who cry, and next to her the "The gossipe girls" are there. Why are the always hurt people? "Can i get out to the bathroom" did i ask the teacher, "sure"  did she say, the all looked at me and knew what i would do. No not going out the bathroom the other.. "Stop" i see her more cry and cry, and the just laugh "Its not okay like that, to do to her. Like come on" i said, and start to be angry, i took her hand, and one of them took mine "Ehm what do you think you doing, lets us do our job" did Bella say, (The leader) "Your Job? YOUR JOB, GIRL ARE YOU INSANE? ARE YOU DUM OR SOMETHING, OR YOU JUST LOST YOUR MIND? FIRST YOU TOOK MY BFF WHO NO LONGER ITS MY BFF AND NEVER BE AGAIN AND THEN YOU KICKED HER OUT AND JUST USED HER ASS? WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? YOU HURTING PEOPLE, ITS NOT OKAY AND WHAT DID THE HELL DID THE DO TO YOU? HMM YOU CANT EVEN HANDLE THE TRUTH LIKE TESHA, SHE ALWAYS DOING THAT FACE, WHEN SHE KNOW THAT I AM TALKING THE TRUTH AND SO DO YOU, SO GET OFF ME" I just jalled at her, and she want to cry, she know that i am speaking truth, then she turn the around, i took her hand to herself, and walked away "Are you okay, i hope i didt scared you at all" i said to the girl who stop crying. "Yes i am alright, thank you, so much" did she say 


Even when you are alone you can also help people, whti there problems. You learn how to agenst the enemis, i know how to fight the person who try to put them down on the ground, but today you learn that you are strong enough to get up and say "I dont give a fuck what people think about me, and i am strong enough to handle this if i just open the mouth, i always closing 

Here its some tips to all the girls and boys who is alone

* Makes som friends

* talk to them

*You can always do something when you are alone

* Dont put yourself down

*Always get up, fight for it 

Thats was my story, that end 

If i thinks there will come more i will update soon

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