Hello my name is Sarah
I am very alone, at the school and i have no friends.
There is fake everywhere and, i am always pretend that i am okay, but i am not. I am walking alone, but will it ever change? since people jugde me, spread rumours?...


3. Alone 3

I am right now, at the school and everybody looking at me. Whit that fear face, puff, i hate this school. I choosed to ring up to mom, at the work. 

Phone call mom 

Me: Mom? i dont know, how to tell you this

Mom: Whats wrong Selena?

Me: I just cant, hold this anymore.. I hate this school and no friends have

Mom: I am sorry sweet, i am talking to your teacher about the new school you want move to 

Me: Thanks mor, i hope you not mad or angry at me, i didt tell you before

Mom: Its alright, 


I am closeing the phone, and walking in to the classe, like what i always see that , the all talk, use there phone, takes selfies, use the social media...Nothing else.. "You are that girl, that angst Tesha right?" did some girl asked me "Yes thats me" i said whit a nervouse tone, "You are cool, you save us, Selena" did she say "and bwt i am Sarah" and then walk over to her place. 

i always saying that people should take the chance to try something new...I think its my turn to follow my own advice, should i? Of course.. i am taking my phone, and tjek facebook of couple of times, then i got again a message for you know that hoe i hate..Yes her, 

Want to know what she wrote to me? no ?..okay lets move...Just kidding

Tesha: I cant just not believe that you angst to me...Its first time somebody did that..And i am not popular anymore beacuse of you

That hoe, arrgh 

Me: You know what Tesha, thats so good, now you can finally feel, what i felt when you left behind and being lovenly...I dont care about you, good luck whit your high school life, beacuse i am enjoy mine slute...

I mind be a "little" mean to her? just a little, but yeah


Feeling Alone its not the worst, at all. You(I) can finally being yourself(me) and feel free, for pretend to be somelse else that you should´t be from the start.  Like my grandpap says (Not dead yet) "Being yourself its the most important thing in your life" and he is right, be yourself its mind be hard when you are whit "true friends" , or act different when your are whit your parents..I just need to find out where and when i am me, and so do you :) 




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