Hello my name is Sarah
I am very alone, at the school and i have no friends.
There is fake everywhere and, i am always pretend that i am okay, but i am not. I am walking alone, but will it ever change? since people jugde me, spread rumours?...


2. Alone 2

i did´t  look back, because i don't want the "gossip girls" look at me, like i am weak. I took my bag, "Be careful" said one of them. I am so tired of  that she humiliated a few months ago in front of the whole school, and what happens? the friends you "thought" you were friends with, left justify it. And here I am, the only girl who is alone, and no friends have I can barely keep my anger back anymore. I just need to say something. I see them together in car, and drive over to me, if the say something hurtful to me, i have to say something because it's not only about me the have humiliated, the are many kids, the humiliated.. in many years, i feel so bad about this
"Slut, where did your buy your new pants? from the loser website." said the one of them, i could really see who it was. But the rolling the window down, "Nothing to say bitch?" did Tesha say, the girl i was Bff whit. they throw trash on me, and everyone laughs at me. The laugh to... "Shit," i said "What did you say?" said Tesha, " not what i said something okay Tesha, its not okay to humiliate me front of the whole school, we was bff at that time we used to hang every single day, and what happent? what the fuck happent? the girls in car asked you to join the group, i did through that you said yes to that, and you leaving me behind? Tesha i was always on your side, we had so much great together, but now you are a diffrent person from i know that time, and you humiliated, and trow trash me? what the fuck did i to you? Hmm or did some of them from the car said, you have to do this? Why was we bff at that time? why did you ask me? " "stop" did she said "No Tesha....No i will not, i dont accepting this happen to for no reason? And what about the kids? in the school? the don´t derserve this shit you doing to them? I don´t  what the have done to you! But you know what, i dont care, this is your shit fucking high school, i really liked you tesha at the past, but now i only see to faced, i dont know which one i want to slap first, this what i am saying, did i hold in so long, that it just came out now beacuse,  its enough..enough its enough..(My tears start to fall) I cant hold this anymore.." i said and she looking down, she turned her head over to the girls and told that the have to leave now..Beacuse tesha could not handle the truth i am telling her.


The kids start to clap, so much, the was glad for, that somebody said something this, i am proud and very afraid of tomrrow whats happent. I choosed to walk and leave my bike. I open the door "Hi Mom" i said, "hi honey" did she said whit a big smile, "Wait..should you not be on the work?" i said whit that face, i dont whats going on "I should but the boss told me i should stay home today, beacause i am the only one worked so hard yesterday "Good, i am hungry, can we order a pizza or something?"  i said whit that poppy face "Ofc just for you" she said and took the phone 



I walked up in the stairs, and opening my pc.. I logged on facebook, i got message its tesha from 22 min 

Tesha: How can you? what...not being afraid of me?

Me: I am, bc your group can do something bad to me whitout you know a reason...and i was tired of you doing this to me thats why i told you everything what i feel, and stop texting me bc its not good..


Cap 3 tomrrow 

the gossip girl vs the lonely girl?



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