Hello my name is Sarah
I am very alone, at the school and i have no friends.
There is fake everywhere and, i am always pretend that i am okay, but i am not. I am walking alone, but will it ever change? since people jugde me, spread rumours?...


1. Alone Li

 "People judge me on my appearance and spread rumors and false lies to everyone. All consider myself as a "dangerous person", I'm not cool, or pretty and smart. I know, but I hear it over and over again every single day. Sometimes it is good to be alone. So you can be yourself, but if you are alone so much, it's not good for one. So you know you are having any friends. Sometimes a lot of people, myself included,want  to be strong. To answer back, to fight back, but one like me, i just putting everything behind my back and pretend nothing happent"

(Bwt my name is Selena)


Selena--My School days 

Like everyday, i am just sitting alone front of classe, or i am going around the school. I am pretending that i am alright, to be alone. But guess what, i am not.. I just put a fake smiley on face, and says "I am alright, i am not alone". I walk, i seeing children who plays football, and a lot girls who have fun whit there "friends". I am just watching but i am moving on. I am seeing the gossip girls, who always have to talk about, if the nothing have to talk about, the talk about people what the did in the past. The looking at me like, the never have seeing me before. but i am just ignore and start to walk, its was cold outside the air. And i choosed to not go back to the School, bc then people will start to say something stupid to me. 


I am just different but some people doesn't acceptting me, who i really am... Like my grandmother always said(R.I.P to her) "I am really dont care what people thinking about me" but i cant stop thinking about it, its just stuck in my head. Its 11:15 a clock, and its time to get back and have math. I am the last one who come, every body start to look at me, whit that weird face, but i am just sitting down. "Dumass" did somebody says, i didn't know who said that, but i am taking my head down to the tabel and some idiots wrote "Dumass", arrgh why, why..the question is why the do that to me, i didt do anything to them, maybe i am just not popular enough to be whit "them" but this is just not unfair, "Selena?" said the teacher. I am taking my head up again, "its there something wrong" she said, i am looking around, "No..No absolut nothing" i said and smiley or i just pretend. She is going back to her place, 


2 hours later

School its done, i am walking over to my bike. Then somebody push me, and i dropped my back, "Watch out bitch" 

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