Falling for Luke 💙

I fell for Luke the way you fall asleep slowly and then all at once ...


16. chapter 16

We walked into school hand in hand as we walked to our first class as we got in late because of Luke.

We had science which me and Luke didn't sit together.i sat next to a popular person called Alex. He was such a idiot.

"Hey babe" Alex said as I sat down

I ignored him

"Now that's no way to treat me is it?"

"Don't care" I said harshly

He put hand on my thigh and I flinched away moving my chair as far away from him as possible

"Don't do that" I said

Luke could see that I was uncomfortable from the other side of the room and I asked to move seats but the teacher said no

"Why are you acting strange Babe?" Alex asked me trying to touch me again but I quickly swatted his hand away from me

"I said don't touch me" I said even more angrier

Alex could see I was annoyed and laughed with his other idiotic friends.

Luke seemed to appear out of no where behind Alex as he was laughing

Alex face went from happiness to sacredness almost instantly as he saw Luke's broad shoulders towering over him

"She said don't touch her" Luke said firmly

Alex was trying to act cocky "what are you going to do about it hemmings?"

Alex was going to touch me for a third time but Luke punched him and he clutched his jaw as he started to cry, although his eyes were watering Alex threw a punch at Luke and he him him in the eye,giving Luke a instant black eye

"GET TO THE HEADTEACHER NOW!" The teacher shouted furiously

"I'm coming as well" I said quickly getting up from my chair as everyone stared in shock

"Why do you need to go willow?" The teacher asked

"Alex was touching me inappropriately so that's why Luke punched him" I explained

"Okay you go as well" she said

We walked out he classroom and Luke was furious

"Are you okay?" I asked concernedly

"Yeah I'm okay I guess are you okay?"he said as he touched around his eye flinching at the pain

"Yeah I'm fine I'm just worrying about you" he said

"You two are adorable" Alex said sarcastically

"Shut up you dick" I said not even looking at him

I turned around to look at him but he just rolled his eyes as I gave him a death glare

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