Falling for Luke 💙

I fell for Luke the way you fall asleep slowly and then all at once ...


15. chapter 15

After Luke changed into Calum's clothes we decided to lie on my bed because I felt a little tired and Luke knew I was still a bit angry from the waitress situation

" why do I have to be the little spoon" I said trying to act sad by sticking my bottom lip out a little

" do you want to swap? " Luke asked

We switched places but Luke's shoulders were too wide

"This is not working" I said giggling

We switched back which was better because I felt safe with Luke's huge arms around me.

We had to go back to school tomorrow and I wanted to spend as much time with Luke as possible before tomorrow. Luckily me and Luke were in most of each other's classes.

I drifted into a deep sleep and so did Luke and when we woke up we had drifted apart onto opposite sides of the bed. He looked so cute lying there huddled up into a ball but he was dithering because we fell asleep without the sheets on. I got off the bed and looked at the time and it was 6am so I woke him up gently as he groaned whilst trying to shove his face deep into the pillow pretending that he didn't hear me

I got on top of him and said " we have got school now get up we are going to be late " I pecked his cheek and got off him so he could get up

I could hear cal downstairs, he must of got here late from sleeping over at Ashton's last night

Luke was still refusing to get up so I went in the shower and got changed on the bathroom and got dressed

Luke was still sleepy eyes when I came out "you can use of cals clothes today I'm sure he won't mind "

"Okay" he said as he ruffled up his nose

"You look really cute when you do that " I said as I felt my face turn red

"Do what?" he asked rubbing his eyes

"When you ruffle your nose"

He came up to me and kissed my forehead gently,he was too tall for me even though I am quite tall I still have to go on my tip toes to kiss him.i gave him a quick kiss and then brushed my teeth and eat breakfast

I called upstairs to Luke who was still getting ready

He rushed downstairs fixing his quiff which looked fine

Me and Luke went in his car to school and cal went with Michael and ash in his car

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