Falling for Luke 💙

I fell for Luke the way you fall asleep slowly and then all at once ...


12. chapter 12

When I woke up the doorbell was ringing and Luke was still fast asleep, I got up slowly so I wouldn't wake him up but it didn't work and he looked so cute.he stretched his arms put towards me so I would cuddle him

"I'm just going to see who's at the door" I said as I kissed his forehead whilst ruffling his hair a little that was still perfect from yesterday.

Luke just grunted

I opened the door to see A worried Calum

He hugged me really tight

"I have been looking for you all night, I was so worried I thought you had left" he looked so tired

"Oh you were mad at me so I came to Luke's and slept."By now Luke was behind me and went wide eyed at the thought of Calum seeing him and me together.

"Shall we tell him?" I whispered in Luke's ear as Calum looked confused

Luke nodded his head

"Come in cal we need to tell you something"

"What is it?"he said cautiously

"Well...me and Luke have admitted our feelings for each other and now we're a couple and we do love each other a lot and im not going to let you control what boyfriends I have"I said politely

"Okay it's fine you can be together" Calum huffed

Me and Luke were relieved that Calum had accepted us.Luke kissed me on the cheek as I held his hand on the sofa as we cuddled again whilst Calum had fell asleep on the chair from being exhausted from looking for me all night.

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