Can't believe it

Arielle Hope is a 17 years old teenage-girl. Her mom and dad just got divorced a week ago and she is going to fly - alone - to London. But at the airport she finds out that she got the wrong bag, and to her big surprise the owner of the bag is Niall Horan. What will happen next?

~A little short story based on a fan book


3. Chapter 2

I met the hot sun as i walked out of the airplane. That is how summer feels like, I thought with a smile.

I was waiting on my luggage in something that felt like hours. It was very crowded, more people came to the airport to find their baggage. Although I was curios to see what happened I was desperate to get my bag and get out of there. At last I got my purple bag and the crowd of people rushed past me.

When I came out there stood a lot of bodyguards and I saw some blond hair in the middle of a crowd. I wondered if it was a celebrity, I shrugged and looked closer at my bag.

Wait... That couldn't be true. My bag had a locker at the zipper, and this had not. And I was pretty sure there wasn't a four-leaf clover sticker on it, when I submitted it in the airport. When I looked at the nameplate, I almost faded. OMG, I got Niall Horan's bag! And if I got his, he had mine.

I saw two girls with a big sign 'We love Niall' and they showed me which way the celebrity went.

"You have to be fast" said one of them, "he was going to his car - nobody knows where he lives, when he is here. We tried to find out online, but it's a secret" they told me.

"Thanks" I said breathless and started to run in the direction of the cars. Niall was standing beside a black limousine and was talking to one of the bodyguards. I had to stop a second - I couldn't believe that I really was looking at Niall Horan! In real life! He was wearing a black tank top and black jeans - just like me. He looked just as cute as he does on the placates in my room.

I got closer to the limousine and waved with the bag. "Niall!" I screamed with a big smile on my face, "I think you've got my bag" before I could say more, I felt the weight of a big hand on my right shoulder.

"Niall have to go now" The bodyguard said loud and gave me a evil look. "And you better leave now too" I felt like I was a stalker when he talked to me like that.

"No, no! You don't understand.. I'm not a fan... Or, of course I'm am, but.." It suddenly appeared to me, that I was talking like nobody could understand, and I put down the speed a little. "I got Niall's bag, and I'm pretty sure he got mine, look" I held the bag in front of the bodyguard. He fold his arms and rolled with his eyes, then he looked at me again "Proof it" he ordered me.

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