Can't believe it

Arielle Hope is a 17 years old teenage-girl. Her mom and dad just got divorced a week ago and she is going to fly - alone - to London. But at the airport she finds out that she got the wrong bag, and to her big surprise the owner of the bag is Niall Horan. What will happen next?

~A little short story based on a fan book


2. Chapter 1

"Ari, wake up!" Shouted my dad downstairs.

"I'm up, I'm up." I groaned tired.

My dad is a very busy man, he works too much. He had decided to marry a woman named Cassandra, it was funny how fast he founded a new one. I didn't like Cassandra, she seemed kind but nah. She always gave me that nasty look, even the first time I saw her. Let's say she didn't like me too.

I got up and founded my clothes, I pulled some black jeans with cut knees and a black oversize-shirt out of my closet. Now you think I'm goth or something like that right? But I'm not, I just like the color black, nothing else.

I walked down to the kitchen, my dad was making a smoothie. Ew. I don't like that kind of sweetness, and the fridge was pretty empty. Only a rotten apple remaining.

"Hi Ari, did you sleep well?" He asked, busy with his juicy smoothie.

"Yeah, fine" I lied, my night was awful, I couldn't fall asleep.


"No thanks, I'm good" I answered.

My dad would fly to London today, alone - and so should I. He thought I could go alone, I didn't understand him. Crazy bitch, he was just like Cassandra. He didn't care about me or mom, of course he tried, but his work was more important to him. I couldn't think about it anymore and I shook my head, the tickets were lying on the kitchen table. I packed yesterday, everything was ready - except me.

"See you" my dad said, shut the door and leaved.

I checked the clock, 7 AM, I had to go now. I took my luggage and my keys. I left the house and caught the bus.

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