Not Understanding

From the past couple weeks my father been slightly off and very distant from me.
When my father walked into my room he sat me down and told me to take a deep breath in , so I did. I was very anxious he started talking the first sentence were "My dear Julianne I will have not see you for awhile so please understand". My mind was blank I couldnt even process what words he said to me.


13. Niall and Kristin

15 years ago (kindergarten) Kristin's POV

It was the middle of the school year l had to transfer school because Dad had a new job or something like that. Starting today lm going to a new school l got up early, l told Mom to braid my hair in pigtails with big bows at the end. l toasted an Eggo for breakfast. l put my sparkly new shoes on. Dad dropped me off to school l was nervous about making new friends. During recess there was a older girl coming up to me with her friends. They surrounded me, the older girl grabbed my candy bar l had in my hand. She started eating then she spit it on me then said " You look like a clown go back to the circus" Then this blonde boy came in front of me and yelled at the girl. " Stop it Sandy, your a big bully". "What are going you going to do about it", Sandy said. Sandy left with her friends. l started crying l was so scared. The boy sat next to me he grabbed a handkerchief out of his pocket he gave it to me, to wipe the chocolate off my face.

The boy said "lm Niall don't worry about Sandy if you stick with me you'll be fine".
That's when our friendship began.
  9 years later ( first day of high school) I got up early to call Niall to tell him its the first day we become a high schooler.
Hello "Niall this is Kristin get up, today is a big day. Pick me up in a hour okay. And while your at, please get dressed decent today". Niall finally picked me up we were 10 minutes late how fun the first day at school. Perfect attendance. Me and Niall had different classes so we just txted each other to meet at lunch. During biology we had to pick partners, every one had partners beside this girl. I went up to her, to ask her about being partners, l looked to see her face oh shit its SANDY.

l ran back to my seat without, her knowing l was the one talking to her. Ah shit that was Sandy what am l going to do. Why does she have to go to this school. Me and Sandy doesn't really have a good relationship she would terrorize me every single day. l thought maybe this year can be different since lm a highschooler. Finally the bell rang, time for lunch. l was heading down the hallways, l saw Niall making out with some girl. Dang already. l turned to see who the girl was it was Sandy. l stand in fear how can Niall do this to me!!!!!

When they were down smacking each other Niall went into the cafeteria. I told him whats up l asked him do you have a girl. He looked nervous, " Kristin its the first day at school why would l have a girlfriend already". You promise me, if your lying our friendship is over. Kapeesh". Niall said "There's no girl. I swear to you".
"Niall why are you lying to me. l just saw you, you and Sandy trading each other saliva". So l guess our friendship is done, l can't believe you dating her you know she hurts me.l fell in love with her Kristin why can't you understand, she didn't mean to hurt you she was just jealous". l left the cafeteria l ran into the girl's bathroom. My blood was boiling, lm splashing water on my face l don't care if my mascara is running down my face. Why do l feel so jealous
  2 years later   l haven't talked to Niall ever since 9th grade. l told myself l would be better off, but l felt depressed every time l thought of him. l've been not myself lately since l left Niall my grades were crap l started smoking. l lost my virginity when l was 14. l was going down the halls then l felt a pair of hands grab my waist. l turned around to see who it was, it was Niall. Its been a long 2 years. He's a lot taller,his eyes got more vibrant he's actually good looking. My heart started to pound.

Me : Hey NNiaall
Niall : Hey Kristin. Its been a while wow you died your hair dark brown.
Me : Umm yeah how's you and Sandy doing ?
Niall : Well we broke up long time ago. l wanted to tell you something lm sorry that l hurt you.

Me : No Niall l should be the one sorry, l should of supported your relationship. l feel like a bitch lm sorry. l started crying my heart hurts.
Niall : Hey don't cry. l need to tell you something.
Me : What is it?
Niall : I love you.........
Me : What ? l feel happy l didn't reply to his question. l gave him a sweet little kiss on the lips.

Mine and Niall's relationship progressed till he moved away. He moved to the States.
And we haven't seen eachother since.
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