Not Understanding

From the past couple weeks my father been slightly off and very distant from me.
When my father walked into my room he sat me down and told me to take a deep breath in , so I did. I was very anxious he started talking the first sentence were "My dear Julianne I will have not see you for awhile so please understand". My mind was blank I couldnt even process what words he said to me.


10. Chapter 9

Some one is waking me up, ah l feel so exhausted it was Niall. l looked up to see his face, l just remember l was still naked. But l looked l was fully clothed l was still in my swim suit. l ran to the bathroom to see if l was wet but l wasn't. l guess it was a dream. l rushed over to Niall just to conform where Liam is. Niall said " When he dropped you off earlier he left immediately, he said he needed to go to his mum's house or something like that". Oh lm so relieved... Niall looked at me with a serious face. He told me to get dressed so we can go to the police station. I got dressed immediately, were in the car. l looked up to Niall to ask him if this was about the rape case. He nodded. We arrived at the station. l got the chills when l entered the station. A guy approached Niall , he was a cop. l introduced myself to Mr. Seth he was bringing us to the back room to ask me question about the rape case. He asked me about what the guy looked like his height, age weight, and race.

Description of the male. Height : 5 '11 Weight : 215 Ethnicity : White Eyes : Brown Age : Mid Thirties Distinctive Facial Features : Scar underneath his left eye.

Once he was done asking the questions, he told us we might found your guy. He brought me and Niall to a room. He brought in seven guys. We were in a one-way mirror. My heart started beating so fast it felt like l was going to die. lt was the fourth guy, he was staring at me. But it was a one-way mirror so he couldn't of none right. l pointed straight at him. His board said his name was Anthony Marce. That name hit me, l couldn't put my thumb on it l heard that name before. Mr. Seth told me if l was sure it was the right guy. l gave him a assuring nod. No words could be spoken. Niall gave me a good solid hug. Mr. Seth told us not to worry the criminal will be in jail for six years. That name that name. Anthony Marce what is this...

We left the station, were heading home now. But Niall past the house, l gave him a confused look. Niall where are we going ? He said " lm taking you out for ice cream for a celebration".
l told him its nothing worth celebrating. We pulled up to Baskin Robbins. Niall got out to open my door. Now were in hand in hand. lm sitting on the chair l told Niall to surprise with the ice cream. He came back with two scoops of cookies and cream and mint chip in his other hand. He handed the mint chip to me, l frowned at him telling him l want the cookies and cream instead. He started laughing at me.Finally he handed me the cookies to me. He said " l was only teasing you. l don't like cookies and cream, mint chip is the best". He gave me a wink. We started eating the delicious ice cream. Were heading back home now. l flopped on the couch turning the channel to Sponge Bob l love this show its a classic. Harry sat across from me and said " Isn't Sponge Bob for babies". I chucked a pillow at his face l started laughing because he didn't expect me to do it. He threw a pillow at me but he missed.

Me : You suck Mr. Style you throw like a girl. ( sticking my tongue out)
Harry : Well lets see about that.
Me : Pillow FIGHT

Pillows are flying everywhere l think l heard a glass break even. Me and Harry are jumping on the couches having a blast. Will make this short l won, l said to Harry. He put his hands in the air to surrender. I was heading back upstairs to think about the Anthony guy, l definitely heard that name before. I was wandering in the house opening doors to look for a computer. I found a room with a lock on it. l wonder what this room is. lm looking at the lock its a heart shaped lock. I was twirling my necklace, ah l have a key on this necklace it was heart shaped. l took the necklace off. Then l put the key in the lock.

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