Not Understanding

From the past couple weeks my father been slightly off and very distant from me.
When my father walked into my room he sat me down and told me to take a deep breath in , so I did. I was very anxious he started talking the first sentence were "My dear Julianne I will have not see you for awhile so please understand". My mind was blank I couldnt even process what words he said to me.


9. Chapter 8

When Zayn said he loves me. l couldn't even breathe. l looked at Zayn and said " You don't love me you know that we meet like a week ago". Zayn said " Thats not true Juli". I said "What do you mean".
Zayn : We met 10 years ago when you were 9 and l was 11. The boys didn't want to tell you but l can't hold back any longer.

Me : What do you mean, l would remember you its not like l lost my memory.
Zayn : You did lose your memory you have amnesia from a car accident.
Me : Your saying a have amnesia if l did, why didn't my Father tell me about.

Zayn didn't say anything else, he just walked away. He's headed back to the car. l followed his lead not looking at him. Zayn started the car, and then left me in the parking lot. What a a asshole!!!!. l even thought l liked him, l must be stupid. I called Liam to pick me up, he said he'll be here in 10 minutes. Liam here's. Now were driving back home. He asked me What's wrong ?
I told him l didn't wan to talk about it. Liam's hand was on my knee, now he was moving it upwards. l gave him a fuck off look, he retracted his hand. Th e whole car drive was silent and l was so pissed. l whipped the door open, l screamed out ZAYN with all my might. The boys came running they said whats wrong. l asked them "Where is Zayn" ? In my annoyed voice. Harry said " l thought he was with you". I said "NO NO NO" God lm pissed lm going to rip his balls off. l grabbed out my phone trying to call him he's not picking up. Fuck him.
Im in my bedroom on my bed, thinking what l should do about Zayn and all the amnesia shit.

Until l heard a knock on the door. l said "FUCK OFF"!
My door was opening l didn't even care looking at this point. Till l felt a dip in the bed, l tried to look but l couldn't,some guy's hand was covering my eyes. Then felt a arm around my waist scooting me closer to the person. l was thinking no it can't be,lm not getting raped again'. Then l looked it was Liam. l turned to him now are noses are touching. l grabbed his hand bringing it to my torso then my bikini bottom. His hand is on my private. Then l was guiding his hand on my pussy dragging his hand up and down against it. I let out moans, ah it feels so good. l was thinking this could be revenge for Zayn. l was making his hand go faster and faster, ah im getting went down there l tol e said " l don't mind". Then he was slipping his tongue into myear.It feels so great. Then he was whispering dirty things into my ear. lm getting to my coming point. l let all come out. Liam retracted his hand, he's licking his fingers off. Liam said " l taste so sweet". l grabbed one of his fingers now lm sucking on it, swirling my tongue on his finger. Then l told myself lm not going to have sex with Liam so l compromised. l told Liam " lm going to undress in front of you, but lm not going to have sex with you deal" l started undressing taking my bikini top off with my bikini bottom. Now lm sliding my fingers down my torso, lm touching myself. lt feels so good, my other hand is on my nipple pinching it. lm giving Liam a show and lm giving myself pleasure. l started getting wet again moaning uncontrollably. lm feeling the wetness,taking my fingers inside of me. Taking them out to make sure there extra wet. l shoved my fingers in Liam's mouth making him suck them l feel like in control. l looked at his shorts, his penis is shooting up. l grabbed his penis it was so hard and stiff he moaned. l unbotton his shorts then pulled his briefs off. Now lm looking at a penis the first time l ever saw one. l put my mouth on him sliding my mouth up and down his length swirling my tongue at his throbbing tip. His hands are gripping my hair. He was panting saying my name "Julianne oh fuck your a natural". l was touching myself when l was giving him a blowjob. He come in my mouth, l tried not to gag. lt didn't want to embarrass myself saying it was my first time.

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