Not Understanding

From the past couple weeks my father been slightly off and very distant from me.
When my father walked into my room he sat me down and told me to take a deep breath in , so I did. I was very anxious he started talking the first sentence were "My dear Julianne I will have not see you for awhile so please understand". My mind was blank I couldnt even process what words he said to me.


6. Chapter 5

Few hours later  

I woke up in a empty bed. Im searching the room for Niall I guess he left. Thats when I decided to get up, Im still sore but I can manage to walk. I put on my favorite oversized robe it was fluffy and warm. Im heading downstairs I here all the guys's voices there screaming things, at each other. Objects getting thrown I heard glass break. I peeked my heard to see what they were doing Niall and Harry were grabbing Zayn's shoulders. Liam pinning Louis to the ground, I don't think Liam can last long. I started eavesdropping. I was perfectly hidden so they couldn't see me. I think Louis and Zayn are fighting.

Zayn : Im going to fucking kill you bastard. This is all your fault. Juli got raped because of you.
Let me go guys Im going to fuck this guys face up.

Harry : Calm down mate you need to calm down for Julianne's sake. Niall make sure you don't let go of Zayn, if you do Julianne might wake up.

Louis : Well um um its not mmy mmy fault Zayn. You know I wouldn't hurt Juli.

Again how do they know my name...???

Harry and Niall couldn't hold off Zayn any longer. Zayn started punching the hell out of Louis. I started crying to see the sight Im seeing. I finally ran downstairs yelling I, SHOUTED " STOP IT PLEASE ZAYN PLEASE STOP HURTING LOUIS YOUR HURTING HIM PLEASE.
Everybody looked at me shocked, Zayn looked at me and finally stopped punching Louis. I dropped to my knee's my hands are on the floor. Zayn went towards me and put his arm around me. I barked at him to get away. When I said that he walked out of the house stomping and pissed off. Harry grabbed me by the arm pulling me to the backyard to sit on the bench. (Were me and Zayn kissed) Once we sat down Harry pulled me close Im breathing in his cologne. I finally looked up at him to say "Sorry I ruined your shirt with my tears". He said " Its fine love". I like it when he calls me that. Im looking in his green eyes. Im telling him this is my fault that Louis got beat up by Zayn. Its my fault that I didn't tell you guys the truth about last night when I was with Louis. I let out a deep sigh. Harry looked up and said "What did you guys do last night"?
I told myself I was going to tell him the truth. A boost of confidence went through my body. I can tell him. First off Harry, last night l went swimming with Liam I didn't know he was there. So we started playing in the water and stuff the he grabbed me, and you know we started hooking up.

Harry looked shocked.
Harry said "You guys had sex in the pool" !!!!!
I said no "I was a virgin with Liam, but not anymore because l got raped". He hugged me tighter letting out a deep sigh. Harry and I walked back to the house l went straight to my room locking the door. I just didn't want to see anyone /HARRY ZAYN NIALL LIAM ESPECIALLY LOUIS. l drew myself a bath, lm sitting in the hot water drowning my worries away. I heard a knock on the door but I don't care whoever is there. I heard knocking and knocking but l just ignored them. While l was in the bath l was scanning my wounds and bruises on my body. l just started crying about how my life sucks that l don't have a Mother to comfort me. I can't see my Father lm living with guys l hardly even know, l got raped, I GOT FUCKING RAPED. Louis got beat up because of me. MY LIFE FUCKING SUCKS..!!!!!!!!!!! I started screaming as loud as I can. I saw a razor on top of my sink l grabbed and brought it back to the tub. lm sitting on the edge of the tub cutting myself five cuts on my wrist. It relieved the my pain for a couple a seconds. Now lm cutting my wrist it felt good. Finally when my forearm is covered with blood, l decided to stop. l got up to wash my arm off. l found a first aid kit in the drawer started wrapping my forearm. Once I was done with that, l sat on my bed naked just looking at myself in the mirror how ridiculous my body looks.

I got changed into shorts and a sweatshirt, l decided to turn on the t.v. I was watching some cartoon it has a blue cat and a orange fish and a bunny rabbit. I think l've been watching t.v. for the past 3 hours. l went to check my phone it was 9:00 pm. l was starving but l didn't want to go out to face any of them. So l compromised I'll just wait till morning. l tried going to bed to fight off my hunger. But l couldn't my sugar level is low since l have diabetes, l haven't eaten since this morning.

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